Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The best lip balm I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot!)

In times gone by, at any given time, if I was to open my handbag and empty out the contents, I'd have a good 3-4 lip balms in my possession, at least.  AT LEAST.  I know.  My name is Karen and I am a lip balm addict ok bye.  I go through phases of having dry lips, finding something that will work and as soon as I stop using it, my lips go back to the way they were.  Until now.  I have found The Best Lip Balm ever.  Say hello to Glossier's Balm DotCom.  No really, say hello.

Now when it comes to lip balms, I've pretty much tried the lot, from super spendy Balm De Rose to cheap as chips Nivea and I've found some great ones along the way.  Some I've even repurchased, but they've always had their slight down sides, be it packaging or scent, but the Balm DotCom?  I cannot fault these two.  I was given them by the brand but I'll be repurchasing 100% and am making it my mission to try all six scents because I'm committed, what can I say.

These aren't just lip balms.  They can be used on dry patches too and I like to apply to my lips and whatever's left over on my finger, I massage into my cuticles.  Can't be wasting any of this at all!

The Birthday Balm Dotcom (€12) has a vanilla scent and has really fine glitter in it.  It also has castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, cupaucu fruit extract and rice bran and rosemary leaf extract, all doing their magic to keep moisture locked in, to act as a barrier on the lips and to basically keep my lips in the best condition they've been in for years.

The Rose Balm Dotcom (€12) has the same ingredients as the Birthday Balm Dotcom and has a light rose scent that isn't off-putting at all at all.  It doesn't smell like old ladies if that's what you're wondering.

I've heard people saying that this is expensive for what it is, but my crusty lips have honestly never been as soft or as moisturised, without any dry, flaky bits and that's it, I'm done testing out lip balms.  This is The One.  I don't have to apply it nearly as often as I used to with other lip balms so I haven't been going through them that fast.

Glossier now deliver to Ireland and it's probably a good thing they don't have a physical shop here in Ireland or I'd have to bar myself.  Have you tried this yet?  If so, how come you never told me about it!?

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