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Top SPFs to look after your skin during the heatwave! (and beyond!)

Who knew after getting so much snow earlier in the year that we'd be getting all this sun and heat?!  I feel like I've been detoxing on a daily basis with the amount of sweating I've been doing, and as much as I don't function at full capacity when it's hot and sunny (I feel like I'm in holiday mode), waking up to sunshine is amazing and instantly puts me in a good mood!

Now, let's talk SPF.  I did an Instastory the other day on these but a good few people missed it and have been asking me questions about my recommendations, so I thought a post would be handy as it'll be here all the time and I can send ye the link when need be.  Also, I'm not a doctor or a dermatologist, so please do research SPFs yourself too and see how they recommend you should use it.

With me and facial SPF, I pick and choose different ones depending on how much I'm going to be outside on that particular day.  If I know I'm going to be out for a good chunk of time, I like to apply a pure SPF, not one mixed in with any moisturiser.  I'd prefer to be over protected than under protected, just because I've gotten burned so many times over the years and have finally copped on in my old age.

The Vichy Ideal Soleil Dry Touch Face Cream SPF50 is a repurchase after being sent it last year or the year before and as someone with oily skin, it's a welcome thing to have an SPF that dries matte, leaves my skin feeling like velvet and my foundation applies beautifully over the top.  There's a 30 version too and if you've oily skin, it's one I'd recommend time and time again!  It's enriched with the famous Vichy Thermal Water too FYI.

Another one I've been loving is this beaut from Kiehl's that I'd heard brilliant things about and bought it in The Loop on the way to Spain this year.  It's oil free, feels lightweight on the skin and I wore it when I was doing the mini marathon last month where I sweated more than any human has ever sweated before and I didn't get burned.  It dries matte and I'd happily repurchase this again.

I have so much trust when it comes to La Roche-Posay, because I've used their SPFs solidly for years now and they're a brand that was always recommended by the consultants I worked with in the hospital.  The Anthelios range is expanding every year and they've brought out these new ones this year.  The Anthelios Sun Intolerance SPF50+ is aimed at those of us who get prickly heat (or Polymorphous Light Eruption if you're feeling fancy).  I get that most summers on my chest and sometimes on my face, but this year I've been spared it so far.  I used it on my face over the weekend and it absorbed quickly into my skin and didn't leave it feeling greasy.  I'm curious to hear how people get on with it who get PLE on a regular basis.

La Roche-Posay have also brought out two pocked sized SPFs for popping in your handbag and on Saturday I gave Claire and Stephen the one for children so that Matthew is sorted in the sun.  It's a great idea to have something for on the go sun protection for days that start out miserable and you didn't apply your SPF, only for the weather to change and you'd be caught short!

Speaking of being caught short, one SPF that I love loads and after being sent it, bought another one this year is the Anthelios Fresh Invisible Mist SPF50+.   Now, because this comes out in a fine mist, I don't use this as my regular SPF, I use it more as a top up if that makes sense.  I don't trust myself to apply an even layer that's thick enough to give me the full protection and I think mists make it easier to under apply than over apply.  So I keep this in my handbag and if I'm out and about during the day, I apply a layer of it over my makeup and while they say it doesn't affect your foundation, I find I need to powder my oily bits.  But I'd rather be shiny and protected than matte and scaldy faced underneath!    Also, be careful of applying too much into your eyes or it can sting, I've learned this from experience!

Nuxe Sun is one of my all time favourite SPF ranges, mainly because it smells gorgeous!  And it does a stellar job of protecting your skin too.  Our family has gone through lots of tubes of it over the years and even over the weekend we were using the Delicious Lotion High Protection for Face and Body SPF 30 sitting out the back and felt like we were in Spain because we had the sun, the BBQ, the heat and the scent of the SPF.  All we were missing was the pool!  As I said, it smells gorgeous so if you're not into heavily scented SPFs, then you might have to look elsewhere, but I love love love it and the whole range is beautiful.

Image Prevention+ Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF50 is a great one for those who love being active in the sun.  So not me.  Joanne used this over the weekend doing zero activity whatsoever except for blowing bubbles for Matthew but said it felt lovely to apply.  I wore it on my arms and thought the spray was lovely and cooling on the skin, it absorbed quickly and I didn't feel in any way greasy.  If you're someone who's running around in the summer and want a hard working SPF, here you go!  It also works hard while you are doing absolutely nothing in the sun!

In terms of moisturisers with SPF in them, there are a couple that I've loved using.  The Image Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF30+ is one that really does moisturise my skin while protecting it and it comes in a matte version too.  It's enriched with a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and green tea that are anti-inflammatory agents and because it's so moisturising on my oily skin, I need to give it about 10 minutes to sink in before applying my foundation.  The matte version dries much quicker so that's on my list of things to pick up next.

The Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is another gorgeous product to use on the face daily, combining moisturising with sun protection.  It's the spendiest of the products mentioned in the post, but it absorbs into the skin quickly and my makeup goes on easily over it.  It has a unique polypeptide which helps encourage collaging-producing activities (I'll take all the collagen I can get thank you) along with patented Oleosome encapsulation technology which is said to boost the effectiveness of the sunscreen itself.

Ah P20.  I'm always being asked about this and like I say with any product recommendation questions I get every day, I can only recommend products I've used, and I haven't used this.  However everyone I know who has used it says it works great on them.  The consultants where I worked weren't a fan at all as their ethos is to apply your SPF liberally and often, not once a day and they were concerned that if you didn't apply enough, that you could be out in the sun for the day with your bits exposed to the sun and burn.  But I know so many love it, Joanne and Will included and they used it on their holidays this year and last year.  So I included it so that I could give a bit of advice.  If you are going to use P20, apply a thick layer so that your skin has a wet sheen to it, to make sure you've applied enough and haven't missed anywhere.  I know it's "very water resistant", but me being me and with towelling off my skin after being in water, I'd still be inclined to reapply just to be sure.

Points about SPF that you probably already know but I'm going to tell you anyway because I am older and probably not wise but sure listen.

If you have an SPF of 25 on your face and apply a foundation with SPF 15, it doesn't make it SPF 45.  The highest SPF you've applied is as high as you go.

Let your SPF sink in for at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sun.  If you apply it and go outside right away, you're basically sitting in the sun for those 20 minutes with no protection.

Don't rely on the SPF in your makeup.  Think about how small a pump of product you apply to the back of your hand.  It's not very much is it?  Then think about how you apply it to your face.  You mightn't go near your hairline at all and before you know it, you'd be scalded.  With a regular SPF or skincare with SPF, you're applying it with more intent, rather than applying it so it looks good.  You'd need to apply a load of pumps of foundation to bring the SPF level up to its proper protection factor!

I saw this on This Morning recently and thought it was so obvious and yet I'd never done it.  Write the date you opened your SPF on the bottle or tube.  There should be the image of a little pot on the back of your tube with a number and the letter M in it, indicating how long you should use it.  After that amount of time, the ingredients in the SPF will stop working and then you'll get scalded.  Ain't nobody wants to be scaldy this summer!

With skin cancers on the rise, it's just using a birra cop on.  There are so many SPFs out there and I'll try my best to try out as many as possible as long as I'm blogging!  Now, get off your laptop or phone and go outside and enjoy the nice weather!

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