Friday, August 31, 2018

3 shower gels to treat your skin to this autumn!

When we got work done to the house a couple of years ago, we needed to make more space in the teeny bathroom and got rid of the bath.  Now I don't miss the bath much at all until it's freezing cold in the house and I'd love to dive right in to a warm bath, but me and showers, we are a match made in heaven.

Tired?  Shower will sort me out and refresh me.  Cold?  Hot shower will warm my bones (we won't mention trying to get out of the hot shower into the cold bathroom and freeze again!).  Too hot?  Cool shower with a marine-y scented shower gel will sort it all out.  Basically showers cure everything for me and for the next few months as the days get colder and the skin gets drier, I'll be using these bad boys.

I've used them all since taking my photos and I'm having to drag myself out of the shower every day! There's just nothing nicer than feeling lovely after your shower, you smell great, you feel great, you are great and if you've got cosy pyjamas to put on after you've dried yourself off, you are living your best actual life!

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

I first discovered this way back in 2014 and have gone through a good few bottles of it over the years.     I was given this bottle by the gorgeous girls in L'Occitane Kildare village, so if you're watching the cashola and still want to treat yourself, visit the shop which has just been done up and is only beautiful, and grab a bargain.  Now if you're new to shower oils, let me explain.  The best way I've found to use it is by adding a couple of pumps into my shower puff and when it comes in contact with water, it lathers up into a really rich foam.  The almond oil leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I also use it directly applied to my skin as a shaving oil.  When my skin is scaldy dry in the winter, this is one I reach for year after year.  I don't have a price for how much it is in the Kildare Village shop, but online it's €35.  PS It doesn't smell like marzipan.   This is very important to those of us who just can't with marzipan and see the word "almond" on the packaging.

Can we take a second for the packaging on the Trilogy Botanical Body Wash... It looks like it belongs in a spa and I love using it on nights when I'm having the ultimate pamper session with masks, hand scrubs, hand creams, the lot!  It contains kawakawa and Indian amla fruit which invigorates and rejuvenates along with cucumber, chamomile and my favourite, French lavender (minus the helicopter wasps.  If you know, you know!)

I love using this before bed because there's just something so relaxing and zen about it and it really is one that works on the mind as well as the body.  It's available on Cloud10Beauty.

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shower Cream 

I got given the Body Shower Cream from L'Occitane in Kildare Village and it came in a pack of two. Again, I don't have the prices, but it was cheaper than buying it in the regular L'Occitane shop and the thing is, having a set of two would either make a lovely gift for someone, or you could split them up, one for you, one for a pal!  Either way, whoever gets to use this will love how soft and supple their skin will be after using it.  I first discovered this in one of the L'Occitane advent calendars and to be honest, the whole Shea range is just gorgeous.  Last year I bought Mam and Joanne one of the shower gels in the Shea range in Kildare Village and they loved it (I guarantee they're both keeping it up for "good use").

The shower cream, along with the whole shea range, smells so comforting.  It's like being wrapped up in a big fluffy towel and in the colder months, it's exactly what our poor withered skin needs!

So that's us sorted for showers for the rest of the year!  I know these are on the spendy side of things, but sometimes it's nice to treat someone, treat yourself, or be treated to something you wouldn't normally spend money on.

What fancy shower gels should I try next?

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