Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Clarins Joli Rouge Gradation photos, swatches, review!

Someday I'll start off a blog post on Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks saying something other than they're one of my favourite formulas when it comes to lipsticks.  Today is not that day.  I know.  For those who are fed up with matte lips, then you're going to want to check out the Clarins Joli Rouge Gradation lipsticks on counters now.

There are three in the collection, Plum Gradation, Red Gradation and Coral Gradation and can you see the stripes in the bullets?  They're lighter shades to help sculpt and colour the lips in one step.  I've seen lipsticks from other brands that have different shades at one end of the bullet, not in the middle of it, so I was very intrigued altogether.

And as always, Clarins have my dry lips looked after thanks to the combination of organic march samphire and mango oil which provide lots of moisture.

Are you able for the shine?  Swatched on the back of my hand, the difference in colour is obvious, and as Carrie Bradshaw would say, I couldn't help but wonder how they'd look on my lips.

Now, I'm going to show them to you in the order of how I love them, and you might be surprised!  Or you might not care.  Either way, let's get stuck in!

Plum Gradation is just STUNNING on and it's my favourite of the three.  I thought the red stripe would be way too obvious when applied, but I found that with all of them, once I pressed my lips together, which I always do with lipsticks, it evened out the stripe and blended it into the darker shade.  The hint of red at the inner part of my top lip is almost imperceptible, but out of the three shades, it's the most obvious and definitely gives the illusion of having a slightly fuller bottom lip.

Red Gradation looks almost pink on me and the lighter shade in it pretty much disappears when I press my lips together.  It's definitely a more wearable shade for me than if it was a true red and for those who like their pinky reds, it's worth checking out.

Can you believe that Coral Gradation is at the bottom of the trio?  And maybe it would be different if it was summer and I'd be mad for the brighter lips, but in terms of formula, this felt slightly thicker and heavier than the other two.  It's a shade I'd definitely be more comfortable wearing with a lip liner as I found it harder to get a precise edge around my lips, but colour wise, it's gorgeous and would've been brought to Spain if it was summer!

Because of the glossy finish, these are so comfy to wear, but longevity is a couple of hours max, less if you're eating or drinking.  But that's never an issue for me when it comes to lipsticks as I prefer comfort over anything.  Scaldy dry lips are never a good look on me and I don't have to worry about that with these!

The Clarins Autumn Collection is on counters now and the lipsticks are €24 each.  My advice?  Get the Plum Gradation one and thank me later.  It's beautiful!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare Collection #AlexSXPrimark

Today, the Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare Collection launches!  And last week, I went over to London to meet the lady herself and to get a preview of the products.

For those of you who are new to the beauty world, Alex Steinherr is a beauty editor, social media influencer with 178k followers on Instagram and is a skincare queen!  I love watching her live videos on Instagram, usually when she's hotfooting it around London and she knows her stuff when it comes to all things beauty and skincare.

Alex says one of her most frequently asked questions is to recommend affordable skincare products, so for the last two years, she's been working with Primark to launch her own range which is certified cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

Rather than creating products for skin types, Alex has focused on skin needs, so there are five categories in the collection.  You can mix and match the products and customise your skincare routine depending on what your skin is lacking or crying out for and with prices ranging from €4 to €6,  and with skincare actives including Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Squalane, there's something for everyone.

I picked out some of the products that I felt my skin would like and need, and when I've given them a proper go, I'll report back.  But this post is an introductory one, to help you see what's coming out and what you might like to try out when it launches.  As I mentioned earlier, the launch is today but expect the products to roll out in selected Penneys stores this week, so be patient!

None of the products are fragranced as Alex was conscious that fragrance in skincare can potentially irritate the skin and by having no scent, it makes the products gender neutral too.  So there might be a bit of sharing if your other half gets their hands on your products!

The Sleep Spa range has four products that work while you sleep.  I'm all for that, the sleeping part while the skincare does the work for me.  There's the One-Step Night Cleanse (€6), the Sleeping Face Mask (€6), the Every Night Eye Mask (€5) and the Overnight Lip Mask (€5).  The Overnight Lip Masks is tinted so I'll be wearing that during the day and first impressions are really good.  I'm particular about lip balms and masks, so I'll report back on that along with the other products in the range.

The Pore Balance range gently purifies and calms the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.   The range contains the Low-pH Sulphate Free Cleanser (€5), the Super Detox Clay Mousse Mask (€6), the Anti-Blackhead Stick (€6) and the Blemish Rescue Stickers (€4).  I'm so intrigued at the Blemish Rescue Stickers and half of me wants a break out so I can try them.  I totally just jinxed myself.  Ok bye.

Pollution is still something that a lot of brands are focusing on and something I've learned this year is that pollution can happen inside the home too, not just if you're out galavanting in the city.  Think candles, those plug in air fresheners, that kind of thing.  The Pollution Solution range contains the Oil Free Gel Hydrator (€6) and the Daily Skin Start (€6) and soon they'll be joined by the Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads (€6) and the City Mask (€4).

The Plump & Glow range was the one that intrigued me the most as I like my skin to have both of those attributes thank you very much!  There are four products in this range, the Serum-In-Cream Moisturiser (€6), The Power Mask (€4), the Plumping Lip Gloss (€6) and the Facial in a Stick (€6).

If your skin needs a hit of moisture, the Maximum Moisture range is one to check out.  It includes the Micellar Cleansing Gel (€6), the Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser (€6), the Supreme Sheet Mask (€4) and the Hydration On-The-Go (€5).

I can't wait to try out all of the bits I got and report back in a couple of weeks!  And one of the things I love about affordable skincare like this, is that when I run out of a product (usually a micellar cleanser), I don't have to wait until payday to restock.  In saying that, I know 100% I'll go in to Penneys for that one item that costs €6 as I'm on a budget, and come out having spent over €50 because Penneys... Gets me every time!

Will you be trying any of the products from Alex's range?  Let me know!


Monday, October 1, 2018

Flormar Colour Up Lip Crayons review, photos, swatches!

Lip crayons are great for throwing in your handbag, ready to be whipped out at a moment's notice.  Unless you're like me and have way too many lip products sitting in the bottom of your handbag, at which point you need to take a cold hard look at yourself and cop on!  So now I only keep the good stuff in my handbag and these Colour Up Lip Crayons from Flormar have taken up residence.  Well a couple of them have anyway!

They come in 7 shades and there's pretty much a bit of something for everyone.  I think they could've done with having a bright bubblegum pink or a fuschia pink to round out the collection, but that being said, they're totally not my shades at all and they'd be wasted!

Each of the shades here are rich and creamy and apply to the lips easily without any pulling or tugging.  They have a twist up mechanism which means you don't have to worry about sharpening them, but I think the more I use them and the more the tip flattens, I'd have to use a lip liner to get full precision.  Especially with the darker shades.  More about that in a second.  But out of the seven, there are a couple that I've been wearing and loving!

Time to see them on the mush!

Nude Pink is verdy pale altogether and on its own, gives me concealer lips and enhanced dry patches.  But used over one of the darker shades, patted into the middle of the bottom lip, gave the illusion of plumper lips and that's how I've been using it since.

Salmon is the most wearable of all seven shades for me.  It's a warm peachy caramel shade (I'm not a fan of fish as lip shade names!) that works with my complexion and has been in rotation in my handbag since they sent it to me.

Lovely Pink was a surprise because you know me, I'm not usually a fan of pinks, but this is muted, wearable and is the closest to a nude pink that I'll ever get.  It's gorgeous.  Perfect for spring.

Caramel is autumn in a lip shade and this is one of my favourites.  It's opaque, doesn't bleed and again, is one that's in the handbag all the time now.  It's really rich in pigment and reminds me of conkers it's that deep.  I love it!

Cranberry is out of my comfort zone being a pinky toned red and I think around Christmas it would be fab.  But it makes me nervous being so bright and pigmented!

Mauve was the one that I thought I was going to love but it disappointed me the post.  I found it patchy and I couldn't get a clean edge around the lip line, so it's one I'd have to use with a lip liner.  I tried to apply a second layer which just moved the first layer and ended up losing the rag with it!

Red Velvet is a gorgeous bright red that's so bright it makes me nervous and because I applied these in number order, I applied it right after Mauve and worried that it would be hard to get a defined line, but it applied much better than Mauve.  But I think to be on the safe side, I'd use it with a lip liner, otherwise I know me, and I'd end up like The Joker in no time!

These crayons are €5.95 each which is a bargain and my picks?  Salmon and Caramel!  I know, I'm a nude lip fan and love what I love!  There's not a huge amount of longevity with these because of their glossy finish, but it's because of said finish that makes them so comfortable to wear, so I don't mind at all about needing to reapply.

Flormar is in selected Penneys nationwide and you can find your local Flormar stockist on their website.
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