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11 fab fragrances for Christmas!

Perfumes are the business.  That is an actual fact.  I love finding new ones to fall in love with and I finding old ones where the scent can instantly bring me back to a certain time in my life.  It's one of the things I had in common with my Dad, our love of scents.  Buying a perfume for someone for Christmas can be tough, especially with the sheer number of them out at the moment, but hopefully this post can help you whittle it down a bit.  And I'm not putting links in because I'm afraid time will run out for you before Christmas, so your best bet is to go visit the shops themselves!

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom - €54 (Brown Thomas & Arnotts)

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom is very possibly my favourite scent at the moment, with this being my third bottle in the last 12 months.  I love it.  It smells powdery, soft, clean and every time I wear it, someone always asks what it is.  I keep a bottle in my handbag at all times and nothing gives me greater happiness than to spray it on people (with their permission obvs) and the girls at work are always saying to me not to waste it!  But my logic is that I want to share the scent with people and have them smell like it and be all ridey!  It's not a scent I every would have checked out in Jo Malone, just because the name doesn't sound like smells I'd ever go for, but after smelling it on Trish from Waxperts last year, I was hooked and since then, I've hooked lots of others on it too.

L'Occitane Terre De Lumiere €65/50ml 

As you can see, the lid from my Terre De Lumiere is long gone, but sure listen, be grand!  I have a big bottle and a smaller bottle that I switch between and I still love how this smells, nearly two years after it being launched.  With notes of amber, pink pepper, lavender and honey, along with tonka bean and acacia, this is a really comforting scent that's inspired by golden hour in Provence.  It's creamy, smells good enough to eat (don't eat it) and you can get the perfume on its own or in a gift set in L'Occitane.

L'Occitane Terre De Lumiere L'Eau €55/50ml

This is a lighter version of the above fragrance, being inspired by Provence at first light.  They've a more intense Terre De Lumiere as well that's inspired by Provence at night, so I'm literally just missing a version that's inspired by Provence during the day where the sweat is pumping out of you as you frolic in the lavender fields being attacked by helicopter bee things.  Terre De Lumiere L'Eau is for those who love a lighter, more floral scent and is more delicate than the original with notes of bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant along with pink peony, bitter almond essence, tonka bean and white musk.  It's a beautiful daytime scent and I haven't lost the lid.  Yas!

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Gift Set €120 Debenhams

I was reading the description of Bonbon and it said "She who wears Bonbon, dresses herself in perfume while creating her own story" and it made me think, does she also dress herself in a cosy fleece and have her hun bun sitting atop her head at a 45 degree angle?  I think not.  This is fruity with top notes of mandarin, orange and peach, a heart of caramel, jasmine and orange blossom and a base of cedarwood, guaiac wood, sandalwood and amber.  If you like Flowerbomb, chances are you're going to love this because it's intense, heady and not for the faint hearted.  It smacks you upside the head with the sweet woodieness and is a lovely winter scent.

Tiffany & Co Intense EDP €66/30ml Debenhams

Tiffany & Co Intense smells like it's the only thing I'll ever be able to afford from that brand.  Ah no, it definitely smells expensive, like a fancy perfume your Mam would love.  And mine does.  When this arrived, she was like ooh what's that, had a whiff and kept giving it The Side Eye Of Love, so now that I've taken photos of it, it's all hers.  It's floral and musky with notes of pink peppercorn, iris and amber and it comes in a beautiful Tiffany Blue box and sure who wouldn't want something from them?  I'm just not fancy enough to wear this and that's ok.

YSL Black Opium -€84/50ml Debenhams 

The packaging of Black Opium was made for the Christmas twinkles!  But that's where the lightness ends, because this is dark and mysterious, like my good self and has top notes of coffee, also like my good self.  It has a heart of white florals and a base of vanilla and is a cosy wintery scent, perfect for evening time when you're out galavanting.  If you love your perfumes intense, you're going to enjoy this one.  Keep your eye out for the clicky pen version of this scent that's perfect for your handbag and you can brush the scent onto your bits.  Obsessed!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Sparkle Edition - €83/50ml - Boots

At Christmas, you're allowed to wear all the glitter on your eyes, you're encouraged to wear all the sequins and 'tis the season to be sparkly, so why shouldn't your bottle of perfume get all glammed up too?  La Vie Est Belle is ready for the party season with her twinkly new outfit so if you know of someone who loves the fragrance already and needs a refill, this is the ideal gift.  This has top notes of pear and blackberry, a floral heart of iris, orange blossom and jasmine sambac, and a base of patchouli essence and if you haven't smelled this yet, you're probably the only person in the world who hasn't.  Julia Roberts is raging at you don't ya know.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love - €53/30ml - Boots

Marc Jacobs Daisy was one of my first ever fancy perfumes and Daisy Love gives me all of the feels too.  If you have the original, then you're totally still allowed to buy this one because it's different enough.  This has top notes of crystallised cloudberries (not a notion what a cloudberry is and why it needs to be crystallised.  How does one crystallise something?), it has a heart of daisy tree petals (are daisy trees the ones with the round tops? I need to learn my plants) and a base of cashmere, musk and driftwood.  I know what they are.  Phew.  This scent just makes me happy, and makes me smile.  There's something so nostalgic about it but it's got its own vibe and also it makes me sing Daisy Love to the tune of Baby Love by Diana Ross.

Proenza Schouler Arizona - €58/30ml - Debenhams

So do you actually need to know how to pronounce who made your perfume?  I can have a go at saying Proenza Schouler but I'm afraid I'll end up sounding like those who can't pronounce Givenchy properly... I know.  Sure listen, be grand.  Arizona is a beautiful scent that's unlike anything else in my collection with notes of white cactus flower and jasmine and orange flower which gives me all of the floral feels before the heart of musk and cashmeran woods takes over.  I've no idea what cashmeran woods are, but if this is what Arizona smells like, a place where I'd no intention of visiting in my life, then consider my mind changed.  It's so beautiful, and has the perfect blend of powdery-ness and woodiness that I love in fragrances.  I feel like a lady when I wear this and it's a fierce feminine and elegant scent.  I am none of these things ok bye.

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose €75/100ml - Molton Brown Muddled Plum €49/50ml - Arnotts

Molton Brown never fails me, especially when it comes to Christmas.  The Jasmine and Sun Rose range has that perfect blend of floral notes and sweetness, and is a really bright scent with top notes of raspberry, bergamot and peach, a heart of jasmine, osmanthus and rose and a heart of labdanum, patchouli and musk.  Muddled Plum is more fruity than Jasmine and Sun Rose with top notes of orange, saffron and elemi, a heart of plum, davana and oak-aged rum and a base of sandalwood, benzoin and musk, making it both warm and sweet.  Of the two, I definitely prefer the Jasmine and Sun Rose scent and have been using the shower gel of it as well this month.  Molton Brown have a whole range surrounding both scents along with their regular favourites, so make sure to visit a store and try them out.

That was a lot.  I know.  But I wanted to give you a load of options so feel free to screenshot whichever ones sound good to you and go try them in store.  Happy scent shopping!

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