Monday, January 7, 2019

Rituals - getting me through January one day at a time!

You know those days where you feel like you're running around to the Benny Hill theme tune, trying to play catch up, trying to get ahead, trying to do your bits but keep remembering bits you forgot to do and need to do and it's only 10am on a Monday morning?  Same.  SAAAAAME!

I go through phases of being highly organised and motivated, and then come the phases of being overwhelmed and panicked and I've been trying to remember feeling these feelings from last year, remember how I dealt with them and not let them take over 2019.  So this morning when I could feel it happening, I flung myself into the shower, used some of my lovely bits from the Rituals Advent Calendar (which I will 150% be buying again this year), and allowed my troubles to melt away.  Ok they melted away about 30%, but that's a start.

There are two products though that I wanted to bring to your attention because without fail, they've been putting a smile on my face every day and while I can carry one of them around, I'm very close to attempting to carry the other around too.

The Rituals Oasis de Fleurs EDP was the final item in the advent calendar if memory serves me correct, and it was so worth waiting for.  Mam, Joanne and I all fell in love with this 10ml mini beaut that can be bought for €9.50, and it also comes in a larger size too, and Joanne bought her and Mam one of the smaller ones the other day, such is her love for it too.

It's zesty with notes of mandarin, but it's the clean smelling magnolia that works with spring water and bamboo to give the most beautifully delicate uplifting scent.  It smells like a fresh spring day and as it's perpetually grey here in Ireland at the moment, I need all the help I can get to lift my mood!  I'll definitely buy the larger size when I finish this bottle and urge you to go give it a sniff.  They just opened a shop on Grafton Street before Christmas and there's one in Kildare Village and in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre along with a concession in Arnotts.  So you've no excuse.  Go try out the bits.

The second thing that's been lifting my mood is an oldie but a goodie.  I've gone through countless bottles of the Ritual of Dao Fragrance Sticks over the years and this scent just calms me like nothing else.  I got a mini one in the Blanch shop recently for €13.50 and in the advent calendar, there was also a room spray with the same scent that I'm probably going to bring around and spray it everywhere to be honest.  The whole range of the Ritual of Dao smells like white lotus and Yi Yi Ren.  So we're talking soft white florals that calm and soothe the soul and the mind.

I have the fragrance sticks on a little shelf just inside the office door, so when I walk in, even if the office is in an unmerciful mess, I smile.  I can be thinking "Would you like at the absolute state of the place Karen" and I just smile.  This scent is just incredible and is perfect for spring.  I know it's winter but shurrup yew.  I know I've said this loads, but the Ritual of Dao is my favourite of all of the ranges, and I wore the body and bed mist on Joanne's wedding day which helped me stay calm and smelling lovely.  Because the office is so small, I went for the smaller fragrance stick set, but they've a larger one too.  These make for gorgeous gifts, either for someone very lucky, or if you're feeling like you want to treat yourself.  

See what the bottle says?  One beautiful fragrance can create many beautiful memories.  They should also make ones that says One beautiful fragrance can take you from the edge of a mickey fit back to normality ok bye.

Thanks Rituals for getting me through the days.

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