Monday, February 18, 2019

Affordable makeup storage from Penneys!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that trying to keep my office tidy and organised is a full time job in itself.  I'm naturally a messy person but I'm taking steps to change that because as they say, a tidy space is a tidy mind, or as I say, feck sake Karen why can't you keep your room tidy because you know you get loads more bits done when it's all nice and clean.

I could keep giving out about it to myself, or I could take action, so last week I went to Penneys on Mary Street with a mission.  An organisation station across the nation mission.  I wanted to get some of their makeup storage bits so I could tackle the job at hand.  The job being put some kind of shape on the state of my room.  And on Saturday, I did exactly that.  Here's what I bought and here's what I did with them.

I bought this tiered unit (€12) before Christmas for Joanne and I'm raging I didn't get one for myself then because I love it!  Not only does it fit a load of products on it, but it rotates too.  I found with my skincare bits in my bedroom, having them on the top of a drawer unit meant that I'd just tend to reach for whatever was at the front and so many things were being forgotten about.  Now all I have to do is rotate and select what I want, and I might be in with a chance of actually finishing more than one or two products now!  I keep my eye creams in the top with some smaller facial oils and serums and then in the bottom two sections I just have them organised based on size.  I have to keep the taller products to the outside of the shelves, but it's grand.  I love this unit so much and I think it's my favourite of all the bits I got.

I've wanted a nail polish stand for years now and was so close to buying one from eBay for stupid money that I could attach to the wall, but then I copped on and said no.  Since then I've been keeping them in another storage unit that I rarely go near.  Now while this unit is only small and I chose smaller bottles of polish to put on them so I could fit more on, if you're a polish collector, you might need a few to display your stash, but for me, it makes for a dinky unit to keep the new nail polishes I've been sent and want to try out.  It's only €4 and well worth picking up.

I love this palette storage unit (€6) and when I was chatting about it over the weekend, it occurred to me that it would make a deadly thing to store notebooks in, so I'm going to get another one next time I'm in Penneys.  But for now, it's housing some of my favourite palettes and ones I want to use more too.  My pal Carly showed hers in action over the weekend and she keeps hers in her drawers.  Her makeup drawers!

Onto the acrylic drawers.  I got two of the three units available and at €12 each, I think they're great value.  They feel sturdy and while I've only had them a few days, I can't report back on how they've lasted just yet, but I'll keep you in the loop over on Instagram.

I got one unit with two wide, shallow drawers that's great for lying your palettes flat, or for lip products, basically anything that's not chunky, and one with a deeper drawer beside two more shallow drawers.  The drawers don't open and close the smoothest and there can be a bit of squeaking involved, but I ain't mad at that!

There's a third unit in this collection with two deeper drawers side by side and all three can be stacked on each other.  And if you love your lipsticks and displaying them, there's a lipstick holder that has the same dimensions as these units, so makes for a lovely topping to your collection!  I already have one from TK Maxx a couple of years back but if I didn't, I'd totally have bought this.

I saw one of the girls online showing drawer organisers from Penneys too so I'm going to need to pick those up because I'm on a budget and need to organise the rest of my collection without breaking the bank!

Are you in need of storage for your beauty bits?  And are you proud that two days after organising these, they're still looking great... I know, we'll see how long it lasts!  As I said, I got mine in Penneys Mary Street so I can't say which other branches have them too, but keep an eye out!


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