Tuesday, February 12, 2019

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Heart & Arrows Collectors Edition review, photos, swatches!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, YSL have relaunched the Rouge Volupte Shines - one of my favourite lip products ever!  I first fell in love with them back in 2013, and you can read about them in that blog post where I look a little bit tranquillised in my photos, but I can assure I was not.  I was loving my lips and was obviously very relaxed about that fact.

Anyway, YSL have brought back four iconic shades, all with a fancy new collectors edition outfit complete with hearts and arrows, so if you're feeling like you need to treat yourself this Valentine's Day, look no further.  Now, if you're planning on wearing the face off a chungfella this Thursday, just know that these have lots of slip to them so while they're comfortable to wear and look gorgeous, they won't last long, but will leave your lips lightly stained FYI.

The Rouge Volupte Shines are ideal for those who are fed up with the matte lip trend, for those who love a semi-sheer, glossy finish and for those who just want to be a bit fancy schmancy because let's be honest, it's YSL and their packaging is goals.  Fancy goals.  Fancy goals with love hearts and all.

Lined up above, we have No 49 Rose Saint Germain on the left, No 15 Corail Spontini in the middle and on the right is No 12 Corail Dolman.  All three are beautiful and the missing shade in the quad is No 45 Rouge Tuxedo, a bold pinky-red.  It's probably for the best that this shade didn't find its way into my life because from the description, I'd probably be scared of it, but the other three shades are all right up my street.  Let's see them in more detail.

Above we have No 49 Rose Saint Germain, a beautiful wearable pink that screams "spring time is coming very soon because there's a grand stretch in the evenings and it's only the middle of February".  It's a true rosey pink which makes it a winner in my book because shades like this suit my complexion, they don't wash me out and are always in the bottom of my handbag.

Next up we have No 15 Corail Spontini, a paler, peachier coral that would suit those with lighter skin tones.  Even though I love a peach on me, I think I prefer the other two shades as they brighten up my complexion more than this one and it washes me out a bit, but a bit of tan and I think I'd rock it!

Finally we have my favourite shade of the three, No 12 Corail Dolman which is a bright coral pink that I just love so much and even though I think it's the same shade as this one from way back when in 2013 (which I probably still have as I love it so much), this is me in a lip product.  It's bright, in your face but is still wearable too.  It's summer in a lip product so I'll be rocking it loads this year.

The Rouge Volupte Shine Collectors Editions are out this month and are €34 each.  Which one is your favourite?


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