How to spot clean and deep clean your makeup brushes!

Cleaning my makeup brushes is one of my least favourite jobs ever.  EVER.  The truth is, I’m just lazy when it comes to cleaning them.   It takes minutes to do it and I feel very smug after it’s done, but what do I do when they’re all clean?  I let them build up until I run out of clean brushes to use and then lose the will to live.  Every.  Single.  Time. But thanks to the distractions of podcasts and YouTube videos, and with some whopper products, I can get through them pretty quickly before they all start to build up again, but sure listen.  Be grand.  I filmed a video showing how to spot clean my makeup brushes and how to deep clean my makeup brushes and both methods involve products I’ve been using for ages now.  Head to the bottom of the post if you want to watch the video.

Spot cleaning my brushes, particularly my eyeshadow brushes, is a doddle thanks to the Ella & Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser (€20) and I’m on my third bottle now, such is my love for it.  It works really well on my flat eyeshadow brushes, pencil brushes and fluffy brushes and my experience is that generally, I need to give each brush one or two rounds of it.  For more stained brushes like you’ll see in the video below, I need to give each brush a third go, just so it’s properly clean because lads if I’m going to the effort of cleaning the brushes, I want to do it properly!  Not only does it clean my eyeshadow brushes, but it disinfects them too, so happy days. I don’t really use the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser on my foundation brushes or bigger face brushes.  I tried it out with them when I first started using it but found I was going through the stuff at an ungodly rate because it was taking more product to break down the creams and liquids.  So I tend to just deep clean the bigger brushes now.

For deep cleaning my beloved brushes, I love the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush & Sponge Soap (€15).  The tin is huge, I can get stuck in with a couple of brushes at a time and it makes quick work of removing the product, even the foundations that are bet into the hairs!  These tins last for ages and leave the brushes feeling nice and soft, ready to paint the visage again.

If you want to see how I use these products, make sure to watch the video below!  I show you how to spot clean and deep clean and hopefully it’ll help make the chore of brush cleaning a bit less painful!


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