Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayons review, photos

Ah Maybelline, just when I thought I was over matte lips, you only go and bring out the SuperStay Ink Crayons!  I feel like these were made for someone like me.  Someone who doesn't always line their lips, who is fond of a more moisturising matte lip and someone who likes when the packaging shows the colour inside.  I'm a simple creature and don't expect much, but these babies over deliver and it's been true love since they were sent to me to test out.  At least two of them are in my handbag at all times and you're going to see why.

There are twelve shades in the collection, ranging from wearable nudes to bright pinks, reds and deeper shades too.  I was sent three to play with and I've been hard pressed to pick a favourite from the bunch.  The packaging is lightweight and slim and there's a little sharpener in the end to keep the crayon nice and pointy if you want to use it to line and fill the lips in.  With brighter shades like these, lining is a must for me and it helps reshape my lips and keep everything looking nice and crisp and even.  Now I'm singing Good King Wenceslas.  As are you.  You're welcome.

I've found that I get a good 2-3 hours out of these before needing to reapply and while they're so comfortable to wear, there is movement because they don't set.  I'd much prefer that than having something that dries down and leaves me with crispy lips.  That ain't cute.

Seek Adventure

Seek Adventure was a big old surprise for me because you might know that I don't usually reach for brighter pinks like this one.  But I love it on and think it lifts my complexion and it's a step outside of my comfort zone and that's always a good thing.  

Stay Exceptional

If you love a dusky pink, then Stay Exceptional is for you.  I'm fully committed to this shade and feel like it's fierce sophisticated, like myself, and goes with so many looks.  You know how I was just saying above there about stepping outside of my comfort zone?  Yeah I'm also very much happy right in the centre of my comfort zone thanks to this shade.

Hustle in Heels

I don't really wear heels because the absolute effort of life, but boy do I hustle and Hustle in Heels makes me feel powerful, like a grown up, like someone who has fancy pyjamas instead Harry Potter ones.  It's the most gorgeous shade of red and I love it.

And because of these three shades, I want to try more.  I know.  Do I need more lip products?  No.  Am I going to stop buying them?  Also no.

If you're on the hunt for a new lip product this month, do yourself a favour and check these out.   They're €14.99 and are well worth it in my opinion.  Which of these three shades is your favourite?


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