Tuesday, October 29, 2019

7 face masks that are not just for Halloween!

Those of a certain vintage will remember dressing up for Halloween back in the day.  And when I say dressing up, I mean wearing a black sack as your outfit and one of those plastic face masks that made your face sweat loads and you always had to stick your tongue through the small opening for a laugh, only to cut yourself.  Ah good times.  While I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, I'm fond of wearing a face mask all year long and these ones are not just for the spooky season!  I've picked out just some of my favourite masks that I reach for when my skin needs a little extra somethin' somethin', so let's get cracking shall we!

This is one of Image Skincare's new launches from earlier this year and is said to help the skin's ability to resist stress.  Well when I tell you with the amount of stress I've had recently, I've been lashing it on like a good thing in the hopes it will help said stress!  While helping with the stressy bits, it also helps brighten the skin and increases skin's firmness and tone - something I'm conscious of as I hurtle towards my next birthday.  It's blue, it helps tighten my skin and it's deadly!

I love this mask for a few reasons, the one being that it's the absolute craic using it! You can watch it in action on my Instagram where I filmed using it for the first time while simultaneously ruining an Ariana Grande Song.  It has an iron based formula along with ingredients including carrot seed oil, vitamins E, C and Argan oil and when it dries, the magnetic spatula is used to remove it which is so satisfying!  It leaves a light film on the skin which I love as masks like this can tend to dry out the skin.  Not so with this.  So.  Much.  Fun!

PS... Naturals Overnight Sleep Mask - €2.50

This is part of Primark Beauty/Penneys' Vegan Society accredited Naturals range and was the first product of the bunch that I tried out.  I love an overnight mask and this one contains organic coconut water and Kakadu plums.  I like to apply a thin layer all over the skin, let it absorb and then hit the hay.  While this leaves my skin feeling super smooth, it's a bit too heavily scented for me, but you might like it.  I think with the resealable top, it makes for a great mask to bring away if you're travelling!

Again, this is a handy one for travelling, especially if you've been on a plane and need to give your skin a moisture boost.  And it contains Vitamin B3, otherwise known as Niacinamide which helps both brighten and hydrate the skin.   I find it so hard to peel back the lids of these tubs and end up having to slice my way in, making a grand mess.  I'd love if the tubs were resealable because for me and my mush, there was a bit too much product in it for one use, and if I wanted to multi mask, I'd be left with way too much.  But this is great at giving my skin some much needed hydration station across the nation.

This is another one of Image's new launches this year and is a mask I reach for when my skin feels like it needs a good clear out.  You know when you've been wearing loads of makeup and your skin feels congested and scaldy?  A layer of this helps to clear out my pores, helps even out my skin texture and balances the flora in the skin too.  You have to be looking out for your flora don't ya know!

I have been known to overload my skin with product, only to have it screaming out for some TLC and that's where the Soothing Mask from L'Occitane comes in.  I always sound like Louis Walsh when describing this because it looks like a yogurt, it smells like a yogurt and it's fun Simon, it's fun!  I digress, but this legit looks, feels and smells like you're applying a berry yogurt to the face and that's thanks to the fact that it contains blackcurrants.  This instantly cools down, calms and soothes my skin when it's angry and I have to fight with myself not to eat it... I haven't.. Yet..  This is a gorgeous mask if you've been mean to your skin and it needs some loving.

When I want to feel like I'm in a spa, when in fact I'm sitting at home in my fleece, the Yon-Ka Masque 105 is the one I reach for.  It smells incredible and it contains three kinds of clay that help purify the skin, tighten pores and brighten the skin too.  I love that despite feeling that it really does tighten my massive pores on either side of my nose, it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight. If Yon-Ka brought out a perfume with this scent, I'd be all over that!

And thus ends today's post where I waffle about some of my favourite face masks!  Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 7, 2019

PS... Beauty My Perfect Colour shade extension, review, before & after photos

I've had a few hit and miss experiences when it comes to PS... Beauty, or Primark Beauty, or Penneys Beauty, but let me say that their foundations are among the best I've tried (and I've tried a lot, both budget and high end).

They've relaunched the My Perfect Colour range recently and along with adding extra shades, they've  a grand total of 180 products in the collection now, including the new addition, the PS... My Perfect Colour Ultra Longwear Concealer.

I went to the relaunch event recently, got colour matched and have been getting stuck into some of the products since.  Paula Callan did my makeup on the day and after chatting about my skin type and what kind of finish I prefer, we decided to try the PS... My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation and gals, I'm in proper love.  I'll talk to you about the oil-free formula and the matte finish that this gives in a second, but can we take a moment for the fact that this is €4.  I'm not missing another number from that price.  It's four quid.  And it's far outperforming some of my higher end bases.

I have an oily t-zone and normal cheeks and this sits beautifully across my whole mush.  I've used my usual buffing brushes and makeup sponges to apply it and both ways gives a flawless yet natural looking finish to the skin.  I got matched to the shade Nude 05 and I'd say I could've gone a shade lighter, but once I bring it down my neck, it's all good.

It has a yellow undertone to it which I like in a foundation because it cancels out any redness, as you can see below and the big red nose on me in the before photo.  This foundation is absolutely beautiful on and it dries to a matte finish but still gives a subtle radiance too.  It does a stellar job of keeping oil production at bay thanks to the silica and I barely have to touch it up during the day.  It feels really lightweight, it doesn't look cakey and I'm fully into this gals.

On the day, Paula used a couple of other products on me that I'll go into at a later stage, but I wanted to show you the PS... My Perfect Colour Foundation Pressed Powder in the shade Chestnut.  It's a measly €2.50 and Paula used this as a bronzer on the day, so I wanted to show it to you as well because it's not something I'd have thought of picking up myself.  I'd have just picked it up in my regular shade and I probably will anyway to give it a go, but if you're on the hunt for a budget friendly bronzer/contour that can be used on the eyes too, look no further.

A little goes a long way with this shade so when applying it as a bronzer, make sure to use a nice big fluffy brush so that it doesn't deposit too much colour in one place.  And the same goes for when applying it to the eyes.  A fluffy brush can be used to both blend and pack the colour on and it works so well on both the face and eyes.

I was going to say if you're on a budget and want to try out some makeup, but stopped myself because even if you're not on a budget, you should definitely check these out.  They've got a whole range of foundations to suit different skin types, with different textures too and the most expensive product is €6.  As we all say, "Sure where would you be going?!"

The My Perfect Colour range is available in Penneys now, so you know what to do!

Check out my IGTV below to see some of the products in action and let me know if you pick any up!

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@primark.beauty have relaunched their My Perfect Colour range and they’ve only gone and added some new shades and some new products too, making a total of 180 products in the whole collection. I got colour matched at their event recently and fell in love with the products that @paula_callan_makeup used on my face that day, so I decided to try and recreate what she did. I tried Paula, I really did! See the foundation? That’s the PS… My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation and it’s only €4 but I love it over some of my higher end foundations. The finish is gorgeous and it stays put all day. And because I was feeling fancy with the video, I actually used concealer (I rarely do because I’m fierce lazy) but the Ultra Longwear Concealer is nice and lightweight and while it says it gives full coverage, I’d say it’s more on the medium side and it doesn’t dry out the under eye area thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid. I set the concealer with the Luminous Glow Light Reflecting Setting Powder which is really finely milled and a little stunner of a powder. And because I wanted to use all of the products given to me on the day of the event, I went in with a layer of the Loose Mineral Powder. I’m not usually a fan of loose mineral powders as foundations, but I’ll give this a go on its own and report back. But as far as a setting powder on a foundation that doesn’t actually need setting, it’s gorgeous and left me looking airbrushed. On the day of the event, Paula used the Foundation Pressed Powder in shade Chestnut to contour and that’s what I did today too and it makes for a great eyeshadow too. I wanted to complete the face so used this blush from @essence_ireland which is a lovely dusky pink that’s buildable and really wearable. As for the highlight, the formula is lovely but the shade just isn’t for me. It’s too cool toned and I prefer a less blue and more champagne highlight. But you might love it! Thanks for watching! #lovelygirliebits #lovelygirliebits1minutevideo #lovelygirliebitsigtv #budgetbeauty #primarkbeauty #myperfectcolour
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

L'Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash Mascara review, before & after photos

L'Oreal, how do you keep doing it?  How are you able to keep bringing out deadly mascaras that tick all of my boxes and make me want to not bother trying anything new for ages.

I present to you the L’Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash mascara aka one of my favourite budget mascaras of 2019 so far.  With its plastic bristles that help coat every lash, the formula is perfect, not too dry and not too wet, it's juuuuuust right.

When it comes to mascaras, because I've tried so many over the years, I can usually tell after the first use if I'm going to love it or not.  I get impatient if the formula is too wet and needs to dry out a bit over a couple of weeks, and thankfully that wasn't the case with Bambi Eye.  One coat is all I've been needing to use on days where I'm not wearing eyeshadow, because any more than that, and the thickness and oomph it gives can look a bit stark on me.

Behold the obligatory one eye with mascara and one eye without!  I love the thickness and volume that Bambi Eye gives along with the lift and curl and despite packing my lashes full of product, it doesn't weigh them down and I haven't had any issues with flaking or smudging either.

A freshly dipped wand can apply too much for my bottom lashes, especially if I've no shadow on, so I tend to go wild on the upper lashes and then whatever's left on the brush does onto the lower lashes for a softer look.  Now on days where I'm going all out with shadows and liners, I pack on a good two coats for maximum effect!

The before & after photo below shows just one coat and I'm obsessed!

The L'Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash Mascara is out now and at the time of this post going live, it's €14.99 on Boots and there's a special offer on L'Oreal makeup there too!

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