NOTE Cosmetics Love at First Sight palettes review, photos, swatches

Many of you will know of my love for Note Cosmetics and I’ve raved about so many of their products over the years!  One thing is that I’ve always wished that their eyeshadow palettes could incorporate some matte shades to go alongside their shimmers.  Towards the end of last year, Note brought out three new eyeshadow palettes as part of their Love at First Sight range and this pleased me to no end!

Each of the palettes has four mattes, four satins and four metallic shades, and at €18.95, they’re great value too.  As we’re unable to swatch products anymore, I wanted to give you as detailed a blog post as possible, with swatches on my hand, but also showing some of the shades in action on the eye.  Let’s take a look at the palettes, shall we?

 Love at First Sight – 201 Daily Routine

The Love at First Sight in 201 Daily Routine palette is for those who like their neutrals.  When I initially swatched it, I was a bit underwhelmed with the top two rows.  The mattes didn’t swatch that great and felt a bit dry, with not much colour payoff.  However, when applied to the lids with a brush, they performed better.  I found an older makeup brush worked better at picking up the shadow as opposed to a newer brush with silkier hair.

There wasn’t any patchiness and the colours were buildable too.  This is the most cohesive of the three palettes and is right smack bang in my comfort zone.  It’s the type of palette where you don’t have to worry about how to use certain shades because they’re all wearable.  The bottom two rows in this palette are just beautiful!  Check out those mattes in the bottom row, and the metallic on the left in the third row which is the star of the palette!

If you’re new to makeup, or want to keep things easy, neutral and more on the safe side, the Daily Routine palette is the one for you.

 Love at First Sight palette 201 Daily Routine swatches

Love at First Sight palette 201 Daily Routine makeup look

202 Instant Lovers

The Love at First Sight palette in 202 Instant Lovers is a bit of me with its mix of warm tones.  You can see with the swatches that they’re a lot more pigmented and even, but it’s worth noting that the red in the third row needs a couple of layers to build up the colour.  The formula for that shade is more on the dry side compared to the other shades, but can also be applied wet too for a more intense look.  When applied dry, I found it to go on better by using my finger.

Again, this is a really versatile palette where all of the colours work well together.

Love at First Sight palette 202 Instant Lovers Swatches

Love at First Sight palette 202 Instant Lovers Makeup look

203 Freedom to Be

The Love at First Sight palette in 203 Freedom to be is for those who love a bit of colour!  The reds and orange shade pack a punch and the metallic shade in the middle on the top row is smooth and buttery soft.  The only shade that lets it down with swatches is the shade on the top row on the right, but again, this goes on much better with a brush.  The formulas of the rest of the shades are just beautiful, but I found that I needed to think a bit more about what shades to use.  I’m not that adventurous when it comes to eyeshadows, and I know I’ll be using the majority of these shades on their own, or in a pair, rather than the palette as a whole.

This palette is for fans of colour, of experimenting, of trying something new!

Love at First Sight palette Freedom to be swatches

Love at First Sight palette 203 Freedom to Be

The Love at First Sight palettes from Note Cosmetics are available now!  Will you be picking any up?

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