Rimmel Thrill Seeker mascara review

The mascara launches continue this year and I’m delighted!  I love reviewing them because the photos speak for themselves and today I’m reviewing the Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara with before and after photos.

It’s said to give “bold volume to thrill without the weight” and that’s the kind of tag line I can get on board with.  Those who aren’t fans of plastic brushes when it comes to mascara will enjoy the hourglass shaped bristle brush which does a great job at coating the lashes effectively.

I find that the brush works best on my upper lashes and I get a really satisfying comb through, without too much clumping.  The creamy, whipped formula contains panthenol which adds strength to the lashes, helping them to look fuller.

My experience

The very first time I used the Thrill Seeker mascara, I found that the first coat didn’t do a huge amount.  It was like the formula felt quite thin and dry, but experience has taught me that with formulas like that means that the coats are easily buildable.  And that’s exactly what happens with this.

On the lower lashes, the thinner, drier formula is a bit harder to work with when trying to coat the lashes.  And while I can get really wispy, fanned out lashes on top, on the bottom it’s tricky and I end up with a bit of clumping and messiness.

As you’re looking at the photo, on the left is shade Black/Brown and on the right is Extreme Black

I wanted to show some before and afters with one coat of the Thrill Seeker Mascara and then two.  As you’re looking at the photos here, you’ll see the Black/Brown shade on the left hand side.  The shade Extreme Black on the right as you’re looking at the shots.

I love that they brought out a Black/Brown shade as it’s a bit softer than Extreme Black and is a bit easier to wear if you’re not wearing eyeshadow.  Sometimes a really black mascara can look a bit harsh on otherwise bare eyes.

In going from one coat to two, there isn’t a huge difference when looking at the photos head on (above).  But you can see the difference a bit better in the shots where I’m looking up.  There’s a nice increase in volume and length.  There is a bit of clumping in that second coat, but I like it.

How does it last?

The Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara wears really well on me with no smudging or flaking.  When it fully dries down, it doesn’t get too crispy or feel heavy on the lashes.  I can touch my lashes and there’s still a bit of movement in them rather than them feeling really hard.

Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara before & after

As you’re looking at the photo, on the left is shade Black/Brown and on the right is Extreme Black

The Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara is available now with an RRP of €13.49.

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