Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara review, before and after shots

If your friend asks you what you’re putting on your lashes because they look really long, you know you’re on to a good thing.  Enter Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill mascara. 

One of the heaviest in the packaging department, it feels expensive and the indented name on the tube just adds to that.  Wand wise, it’s on the smaller, more narrow end of the scale and it feels like it’s oblique in shape with more bristles on two opposite sides and flatter on the other two sides.  That’s all fine and dandy with the information but how does it look on the lashes?  Just magnificent….

One coat is what I’ve been wearing since getting it last week and not only does it lift my lashes and separate them, it adds thickness and volume.  It’s one of the thicker formulations I’ve tried in a while but for that, each lash is coated thickly and completely.  It’s totally black and after 12 hours of wearing it, it looks exactly the same as first thing that morning.  No smudging, no flaking, no hassle.  The curl it gives really opens my eyes and makes me look awake even if I’m dead in my eyes!

Check out the lift and curl on the right there!

It comes off easily with my eye make up remover and you can see on the cotton pad just how much product was on your lashes and how dark it is.  I usually need to cleanse each eye with a cotton pad and then go over it again with a fresh one just to make sure I’ve gotten it all.  Not because it won’t come off, just because there’s so much of it on the pad and I feel like I’m smearing it all over my eyes again!

How’s that for length?

Now ladies.  I’m so impressed with this mascara that it’s now my favourite.  Absolute favourite.  I feel like I can wear it on it’s own and still look like I’ve made an effort in the make up department. 

All I can say at this point is yeah.  I’m hooked.  It’s going to take a lot to knock this off the top spot ladies.  It’ll cost you €29 which is on the high end, I’ll completely agree, but I don’t mind paying a few extra euro for something that I love and will use every day.  Joanne doesn’t know this but she’s picking me up a second one on her holidays!  Shh


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