BaByliss Perfect Curl review – and our first YouTube video!

It was immediate intrigue when we saw the promo video for the BaByliss Perfect Curl a couple of months ago.  A styler that sucked up your hair somehow and then released it into a perfect curl?  We had to have it and after weeks of Joanne tormenting every hair stockist in Dublin, she finally found it in Sally’s in town.  And this is what the object of our obsession looks like.

This is something quite revolutionary and they needed something big to follow up the BaByliss Big Hair!  Lads, this is a game changer.  Let’s take a closer look shall we?

In a nutshell, you hold a section of hair across the barrel in the circular part of the styler and clamp it shut.  The hair is sucked up into the little chamber and held there for either 8, 10 or 12 seconds, depending on what time you’ve chosen.  Your hair is heated from all sides and released in a lovely curl altogether.  

The smaller the section of hair you use, the more defined the curl and increasing the time and temperature allows for a tighter curl.  There are three settings on the side that allow you to decide what kind of curl you want.  

RLA means all the curls will go to the right (R), left (L) or alternate (A).  There’s a timing setting that holds the hair in place for 12, 10 or 8 seconds.  The lower the length of time, the looser the curl.  Finally, there’s a heat setting that has three different temperatures.

Joanne is new to the world of curling one’s hair and while most of us might use hair ties or clips to section off our hair, she uses something slightly different!  In the photo below, I’ve got all my curls going to the right and Joanne used the alternate setting meaning some go to the left and some to the right.  Having all the curls going in one direction gives a really soft, wavy, bouncy curl and having the curls going in different directions gives a full, sexy hairdo!

Now, one of the main concerns that we had and so does everyone else it seems, is will it get caught and tangled in my hair?  And the answer is that it’s possible your hair might get caught but it has a security feature that stops the hair from being sucked up any more and releases it, so no worries at all.  You’ll see in the video what happens when Joanne gets her hair caught.  The trick is to not put too much hair in.  I did mine over the weekend and it didn’t get caught once, so take your time and all should be ok.

Are these not Perfect Curls?!


  • Really easy to use.
  • No need for a glove as you’ve no direct contact with the heat.
  • No risk of burning your face or arm with it as the heated element is protected.
  • You can do different types of curls with it depending on what direction, length of time and heat you decide to use.
  • You don’t need to worry about whether you’ve been holding your hair against the heat for long enough or for too long as it times it for you and beeps when it’s finished.


  • The price.  Our one was €189.99 and I’ve seen it as high as €220 online.  But have a think about this. How many curling wands, tongs, heated rollers and the likes do you have at home.  Do you use them all?  Or are they gathering dust?  You’ll definitely use this more than those!

And now for the embarrassing bit, our video!  You can either click here to go to our YouTube channel to watch the video and subscribe to our channel or watch it here.  You should totally subscribe to us because we’ve got lots of ideas for videos and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them now would you?!

Will you be trying the Perfect Curl or should I set up a business on the side to have people come visit me and I can curl their hair?

It gets the ultimate two thumbs up from Lovely Girlie Bits and now I have to start saving for my own one!


Lovely Girlie Bits