A pinch me moment…

Last year was a brilliant one in terms of the blog growing and changing.  One of the highlights was doing something I never ever thought I’d get the chance to do.  Let me set the scene. Last summer I saw a tweet from Arnotts saying that Origins were looking for people to test out their latest eye cream, Plantscription.  Being a huge Origins fan, I sent in the required picture of my wrinkles (laugh lines ahem) and within an hour, they emailed me back saying I’d been chosen.  Day was made and it was the first of many.

I went along to Arnotts with pains in my stomach due to the fact that I was about to meet The People From Origins Oh I Hope They Like Me.  There aren’t many events that make me nervous but this was one of them.  Lads, the team couldn’t have been nicer and after talking us through the product, gave The Chosen Ones video cameras to record our thoughts over the month or so.  I went home that night and took photos of my eyes so I could see if there would be any differences.  Click here to read my review of the Plantscription eye cream. Cut to me on holidays in Spain last September with minimal internet access.  I had Joanne checking my email every day and she was told to contact me if there was anything mucho exciting.  She had contacted me in the first week of the holiday with news of my first ever interview for U Magazine!  The second week, she rang me not able to breathe with the laughter and as she read the email from Origins, I was doubled over with the laughter on the Spanish beach.  The lovely folks at Origins wanted me and three other girls to take part in a photoshoot as part of a testamonial for the Plantscription eye treatment!  Me?!  A photoshoot?!  STATE OF ME!  Pulling faces on nights out and taking photos of my eyeballs is about the extent of my photography experience!  I immediately dictated an email over the phone for Joanne to send for the absolute craic. So I went along to Mark O’Sullivan’s studio with more pains in my stomach.  I’d studied up on a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model and practiced how to smize so I was ready.  As soon as I arrived and I kid you not and I’m not even exaggerating (although I do like to do that), I started to develop a massive case of the flop sweats.  I looked like this fella… It was about to happen… An actual photoshoot… In the presence of The Origins People Who Seem To Like Me And I Love Them…  I had to sit beside the window and fan myself so I wouldn’t drown in my own sweat.  Course this would happen to moi.

I got the hair and makeup done and was delighted with what the girls did with me.  We all had such a laugh at the photoshoot and none of us took ourselves seriously so we had an absolute ball feeling ridiculous.  And I will tell you, it is bloody hard to think of poses, I don’t know how those Top Models do it but we gave it our all.  This was back at the end of September and I’d forgotten all about it until a couple of weeks ago… Another email from Origins saying our photos were going to be displayed on the Origins counter in Arnotts with a little quote from our testamonial!  We’re going to be in the Arnotts newsletter, on the Arnotts website, and on the Origins Facebook page I think.  Andddd, there’s going to be a night where Arnotts customers are invited to come in and talk to the four of us.  Scarlet for me!  I’m sure there’ll be more stomach pains on the way into that, just as long as I don’t start to sweat again…

Look!  It’s me!  Joanne had to go in to investigate the photo.  I feel that I need to be showered, hair coiffed and wearing a lovely outfit to go visit myself.  If I was wearing my usual ensemble into town and the ladies at the counter caught sight of me, I can guarantee there’d be no way they’d believe that was me.  The photos weren’t Photoshopped at all which I was really happy about.  They wanted real women who had actually used the products themselves.

Let me know if anyone goes in to visit my face in Arnotts!  I’ll be there for the next few weeks anyway in cardboard form.  I need to go say hi to me too, with a glass of champagne maybe?  Like when Carrie Bradshaw waited to see herself on the side of a bus?  Except nobody better draw on my face!

I just wanted to say thanks so much to the Origins Folks Who Have Made My Year Already Even Though It’s Only April for giving me the chance to work with them and be a part of something so exciting!   What’s your favourite Origins product?  I want to try something new, so get suggesting in the comments and I’ll see what tickles my pickle!


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