This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Deep Sleep Dream Cream review

I feel a certain kinship with the brand This Works because a lot of times when I’m writing a post about something I love and am so excited about it, I have to stop myself from just writing “this works”.  Well, today I’m going to be filling you in on the brand This Works and more specifically, their Deep Sleep products.

Ah, would you look at them there all cute on my dinky €6 pillow from Penneys.  And let me tell you, that pillow is looking pretty welcoming right now as I’m exhausted this week!  The Deep Sleep range is designed to help you do exactly that.  This Works carried out a sleep study with Aspen Clinical Research where it got 217 men and women with sleep problems to try out the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray over two weeks and also a placebo spray for two weeks, after which the results were recorded. A quick rundown of the results got me very excited because both mam and I have issues sleeping, her more so than me.  Results using the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray showed that 83% of those on the trial felt they fell asleep faster, 78% felt they had a deeper sleep, 85% felt less anxious about trying to go asleep after using the spray, 75% felt less anxious the next day, 80% felt less tired the next morning after using the spray and 75% said they felt less tired during the day after using the spray. Those are some pretty conclusive results and yet when I was having the chats with founder Kathy Phillips, I still wondered if it really worked.  It’s the cynic in me I tell you!  I knew mam would be the integral part of my scientific experiment, rubbish sleeper that she is.  If she’s not slept well for a night or two, she starts to panic about not being able to sleep that night and ends up being wide awake again.

I decided to bring the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (€19.50) to Spain with us at the start of the month and mam, Joanne and I all used it each night.  With ingredients including True Lavender from Provence, Patchouli, Vertivert and Chamomile, the Pillow Spray is relaxation in a bottle.  I haven’t met one person yet who hasn’t given it a whiff in front of me and almost collapsed from the relaxation! It went down an absolute storm with us in Spain and we were all conked out in minutes after using it.  Mam knows a bit about the blog and rarely asks about the products I make us all try but she fell in love with this.  Usually I give her the things she likes, but lads, I couldn’t give this to her.  I know.  I’m a terrible daughter, but this is the thing.  Since using the Pillow Spray and Dream Cream, I’ve been sleeping through the night.  This is unheard of for me.  It just doesn’t happen.  I’m a fidgety sleeper and probably because Bailey sleeps in the room with me, I’m awake at least four or five times a night.  Then when I’m awake, I figure I might as well have a wee to see if it stops me waking up again during the night. I could sleep through a tornado these days and I’m loving the routine I’ve gotten in to now before bed.  I try to keep away from my phone at least half an hour before getting in to bed, but that doesn’t always happen.  While I’m applying my night time moisturiser, (also from This Works and more on that next week, I’m talking Holy Grail status people), I spray four or five spritzes of the Pillow Spray on to my pillow, before applying a lovely layer of the equally relaxing Deep Sleep Dream Cream (€23.00) on my hands and arms.  With a combination of essential oils to help you unwind and relax, this lavender scented cream both hydrates and nourishes my skin whilst helping me chill out and I’m telling you, I’ll be purchasing both of these again when I’m finished with them.  Without fail, each night when I’ve used these guys and am tucked up in my bed, I give a little sigh of happiness.  I’m soothed, relaxed and know I’m going to have a great night’s sleep! For those that have chiddlers, there’s a Baby Sleep Pillow Spray (€19.50) that is less concentrated than the adult version and smells just as relaxing.  I’ve given this to one of the girls at work to test out on her little boys and will keep you updated on how they get on.

There are more products in the Deep Sleep range and I think I’m going to have to try them all out one by one.  I should probably invest in a new bed, fabulous new sheets and a massive duvet as I’ll be spending a lot of time conked out thanks to these guys! You can find alist of stockists here on their website or buy online.  And they’ve lots of sets out for Christmas but stay tuned, I’ll be showing them to you on the blog once Halloween is over. Also, remember that pivotal part of the scientific experiment otherwise known as mam?  Well she wants it so much that we headed to Arnotts to get a bottle of the Pillow Spray for her and one for her friend.  They only had one left.  Even after we asked the girl to check in the stock room.  So I’ll be buying her one online as she’s giving the one she bought away.  She loves it!  It has the Lovely Mammy Bits’ seal of approval! So in short.  This Works.


Lovely Girlie Bits