Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel review!


Today is June 21st, it’s the longest day of the year and it’s supposed to be hotter than the sun.  I know this to be true because as I type this, I can feel the air thick around me, my hair is growing by the minute in the humidity and my sweaty upper lip is getting ready to shine.  This could well be the peak of the summer, so we need to embrace it and get through it in one piece all at the same time.  I know for an absolute fact of life that I wouldn’t get through a day like this without Molton Brown’s Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel.  

On days like this, it’s a clean fresh scent or nothing for me.  Florals won’t cut it.  Sweet fragrances feel like I’m just asking for trouble and I may as well just send a formal invitation for insects to have a chomp at me.  Give me anything soapy, musky. woody or marine-y and I’m happy out.  And from the setting of the photos you can see that Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel has definite marine vibes.  It came on holidays with me last month and I carried it around with me so when we were down at the marina, I could give it its own photoshoot amongst the boats and yachts. With top notes of fig leaves, cardamom and bergamot, a heart of marine notes, jasmine and violet leaf and a base of salted cypress, cedarwood and musks, that’s the sciencey informationy bit over.  When I’m trying to do perfume reviews, I try to describe how they make me feel.   So picture this.  You are sweating the diddies off yourself.  It’s hot, sticky and even your flowiest top is like a second skin.  You don’t look good and you are like a demon.  Now imagine having a gorgeous dip in a pool or the sea which instantly cools you down and changes your life, your body temperature and your mood.  Or you know that feeling when you have a nice cool shower after walking around town in a purple haze of sweat.  You feel refreshed, clean and ready to try and get through the next couple of hours in the mad heat.  That’s how this perfume makes me feel.

Now I get fierce sea sickness so won’t be in or near a boat anytime soon, but as long as I have this, I can pretend.  I can sit beside the boats like the bottle.  It’s a unisex fragrance but isn’t too masculine at all, so it could be one to share if you’re on holliers.  There’s a deodorant too which I haven’t tried and a shower gel which I’ve been trying to ration! I’ve harped on a lot about this scent over the last couple of months and this is what happens when I love and wear something all the time.  I knew it was a winner when the girls at work came into the office to ask for a spray.  It’s pretty much out of stock everywhere at the moment online, but you might be lucky and find a bottle in the Molton Brown shop on Grafton Street, in Dundrum Town Centre or in Arnotts or Brown Thomas. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drown myself in this again!


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