Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette – do you need it?

When I first saw photos of the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette, my first thought was “Ah it’s fierce similar to the Naked Heat, and yet I must have it” and added it to my wish list of things I was going to buy in the airport when I go away because the terms and conditions of a spending ban is that you’re allowed to buy things in duty free.  I don’t make the rules.  Then they very generously sent it to me and I have a free space on my list now so any duty free recommendations are greatly appreciated! I wanted this post to be a review/comparison of the Petite Heat and the Naked Heat and show you exactly what you’re getting for your €32.  This is the palette in all its glory.  Isn’t she cute?

It houses six new shades inspired by the Naked Heat and a grand sized mirror with no wasted space on a brush I’d most likely lose.  There are five mattes and one demi-matte, and shade wise, there’s not a dud in the bunch.  There’s minimal fall out when I stick a fluffy brush into the shades and on application itself, there’s not a speck of fall out.  The shades are buttery soft, they blend easily and as you’ll see in the swatches below, pack a punch in terms of colour pay off. But how does it compare to its Mammy, the Naked Heat?

I swatched each shade in the Petite Heat palette and picked out the closest shade I could find in the Naked Heat, so you can decide for yourself as to whether its different enough or not.

On the left we have Inhale (Petite Heat) vs Ounce (Naked Heat) and you can see they’re pretty close, but not identical.  Inhale is ever so slightly peachier and warmer compared to Ounce, but if truth be told, if nobody told me they were different swatches I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference.

Next up is Vibrate (Petite Heat) vs Chaser (Naked Heat).  These are slightly different and you should be able to see that Vibrate is warmer and peachier than Chaser, can you see a theme developing?  Vibrate also seems to be a bit more pigmented too.

Third on the hit list is Hot Spell (Petite Heat) vs Sauced (Naked Heat) and while they’re identical in colour payoff, Hot Spell is warmer and peachier, but only slightly. Both are buttery soft and make a lovely transition shade in the crease, but I’d be hard pressed to see an obvious difference between them to be honest.

On to my favourite shade of the Petite Heat palette, Wild Thing and the closest shade to it in the Naked Heat Palette is He Devil, but you can see that the colours are completely different.  Wild thing is bright and in your face and I love it!

Next up is Heist (Petite Heat) vs Cayenne and once again, you’ll see that Heist is warmer and peachier than Cayenne, but only slightly.   They’ve the same colour payoff and the same formula and I love them both.  Probably because they’re so similar!

And finally we’re comparing Strike (Petite Heat) to Ashes (Naked Heat).  Ashes is definitely cooler than Strike but has a near identical formula.  I prefer Strike as I’m fond of all things warm. Next I wanted to see if I could use some of the colours in each palette to create a similar look on both of my eyes, so in the photos below, I used the Petite Heat on the left and the Naked Heat on the right.  I think the only obvious difference is the use of the orange shade Wild Thing on the left, but everything else is pretty similar!  Which is your favourite look, the right or the left?

Finally I wanted to try out a smokier look using only the Petite Heat palette and if you have a look at thestep by step tutorial in my blog post on the Naked Heat palette, you’ll see the finished look is pretty similar again!  This is what I was wearing on Instastories on Saturday and I love how green it makes my eyes look.

These are my finally thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette and I really do feel like I’ve written an absolute thesis! 1. I prefer it to the Naked Heat palette.  I know I’ll use every single shade in the palette and because it’s so small but still has full sized shadows, I can pop it in my bag easily. 2. It really is very similar to the Naked Heat palette, with the exception of Wild Thing. 3. If you already have the Naked Heat palette, I don’t think you need this.  Unless you want slightly warmer shades and Wild Thing.  That shade is just beautiful. 4. If you owned neither and were being forced to choose between Petite Heat and Naked Heat, I’d go with Petite Heat.  You don’t need both.  Unless you wanted to have shimmers too, then you’d have to go with Naked Heat.  I’m not really helping your decision am I? The Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette is out now, is €32 and is coming on holidays with me because I love it a lot.  It’s me in palette form and my green eyes are very happy with it!


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