Luna By Lisa Lipstick and Pencil Duos review, photos, swatches!

Can we just have a second for the sheer force of nature that is Lisa Jordan!  She’s brought out lip glosses, liquid eyeshadows, a hair treatment, a beauty bag, a face palette (more on that soon), and now lipsticks and pencil duos! While matte lips are still having their moment and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime  soon, it was a nice change to see that Lisa was launching creamy lipsticks.  I’ve dry lips at the best of times, but come winter, I need a little extra something in my lip products and the lipsticks are enriched with natural oils, so my scaldy lips and I thank you Lisa.

There are four sets in the collection and each set has a lipstick and matching lip pencil.  The packaging is beautiful with the rose gold lids, the white base and rose gold lettering too.  And the lipsticks close magnetically.  So needless to say I have to play with them a few times before actually using them and finishing using them.  I know.  Shut up.  It’s the little things!

The lipsticks are beautifully creamy and so opaque when applied.  They leave my lips with a light sheen on them and they feel so comfortable on.  The liners are creamy and smooth too.  There’s nowt worse than a dry liner that tugs and pulls on the lips, but these just glide right on.  Let’s get to hand swatches and what they look like on the actual lips shall we?


Morganite is my favourite of the four sets.  It’s the perfect dusky pink that suits my complexion, and I like that the liner is slightly darker than the lipstick.  This is the set I’ve been wearing loads and have been keeping in the handbag and is wearable for everyday use. Lahve it!

Ruby Flame

Fans of bright lips will be all over Ruby Flame!  Now this is a whopper shade for the summer, or for those who are much braver than me, but it’s a beauty.  It’s not for the faint hearted I tell ya because this is seriously bright, almost neon!

Nude Jade

Nude Jade is for those who love really pale lips and on me, worn on their own, the duo washes me out.  But I’ve been wearing the lipstick patted over Morganite, right in the centre of the lips and it works much better on me that way.  I think it would look better on me if I was rocking a dark smokey eye and with a gloss over it, but if you’re a nude lover, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Soft Citrine

Soft Citrine is a darker nude than Nude Jade, with peachy undertones to it.  It suits me so much better and is my second favourite of the four.  What I like about shades like this is that I can apply it without needing a mirror, so most times, before I’m about to walk into an event, I’ll be lashing a lipstick on outside!

The Luna by Lisa Lipstick and Pencil Duos are available online nowand are €19 for each set.  Which one is your favourite?


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