20 masks to try for the face, eye and lips – all budgets too!

I know, 20 masks but hear me out!  The world of masks has evolved so much over the years and now they have one for everything – face, eyes, lips, hands, foot masks, you name it, they have it!  And today I’m going to talk you through some masks that are worth checking out and I’ve picked ones for all budgets too because I hear ya, your mush needs some loving but it’s January and funds might be low!

The Alex Steinherr Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask is one of Alex’s products from her collaboration with PS… Beauty that launched last year.  A €6, it’s one of the most affordable masks I’ve tried in a long time and it makes for a really nice alternative to my night time moisturiser.  It doesn’t quite tackle things when my skin is super dry, but on nights when my skin is in decent shape already, this keeps it nicely topped up with hydration and I wake up the next morning with lovely plumped, smooth skin.  If you’re on a budget, this range is definitely worth checking out. I got theNo7 Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask (€18) as part of a collaboration I did with them before Christmas and this is one of the products I keep going back to.  It’s a mask I reach for when I want instant results and on days where I’m going to be taking photos or filming, I like to apply a layer and leave it on for about ten minutes or so before removing it and getting stuck in with my makeup.  It’s lovely and rich and my skin feels soft and hydrated after using it.  If you’re looking to spend your No7 vouchers on something, definitely give this one a go.  It’s suitable for all skin types, sensitive included. My skin can go through phases of looking and feeling a bit worse for wear, mainly when I’m not looking after it properly, and that’s where the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque (€50.50) comes in.  It has Vitamins A, C, E and F along with panthenol which helps repair my poor skin and it soothes and calms my skin.  This can be quite a common occurrence when I test out a lot of products and my skin needs a bit of TLC. The Yonka Hydra No 1 Masque (€48.50) is one of my go to masks when my face is scaldy and needs an instant hit of hydration and I like that it can be used in a couple of ways.  Sometimes I’ll apply a thick layer and leave it on for ten minutes and sometimes I’ll apply a thinner layer and leave it overnight.  Either way, my skin drinks it up and feels the effects of it long after I’ve applied it.

I’ve spoken about the Image Vital C Overnight Hydrating Masque (€59.50) many times, so I won’t go into it in too much detail.  You can read my full review here from last year, but know that I still use it regularly, my skin loves it so much and my fine lines feel the effects of it the next morning.  I think this is one of my favourite products from Image and I know that when I use it, it works wonders on my skin. I love that we’re still on the hyaluronic acid train this year and Vichy’s LiftActiv Hyalu Mask (€45) is  another product to add to the list of things to try if you’re all about that hyaluronic life.  It has higher and lower molecular weights of hyaluronic acid meaning some of it sits on the skin and some can go deeper, giving tonnes of hydration.  It’s a mask that works in as little as 5 minutes, so I’ve been applying it when I’m doing my bits at the desk and let it work its magic. I got a sample of the Oskia Renaissance Mask(£55) a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with it.  The team sent me a tub of it before Christmas and my skin has been rejoicing.  This mask is a plumping and brightening enzyme mask with ingredients including papaya enzymes and natural fruit acids to give instant radiance to the skin.  It’s pink gel turns white after application before turning clear as it’s absorbed and my skin is noticeably soft, smooth and brighter after I use this. I love applying it on days where I want to look fresh faced and lovely!

Eye masks have become my new favourite thing and I feel very extra using them!  The Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Masks with collagen and green tea most definitely soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin under my eyes and at €5.95 a pack, they’re the most budget friendly of the trio.  They’re nice and cooling on the skin and as my eyes show my tiredness first, they’ve been helping disguise that. Next up we have the Vichy LiftActiv Micro Hyaluronic Acid Eye Masks at €20, they’re the most interesting of the three eye masks in that these can be left on overnight.  Because I’m a light sleeper and the slightest distraction will have me awake, I haven’t left them on overnight. Who knows where I’d end up finding them!  Each patch has 160 microcones that dissolves into the surface of the skin, giving your eyes a grand aul dose of hyaluronic acid which plumps up my skin and hydrates it. Finally we have the Rolls Royce of the eye mask world in the form ofLancome’s Advanced Genifique Light-Pearl Eye Serum Mask (€62). I love the sheet mask version of this for the face and equally love the eye version because they feel so lightweight on the skin, and makes my ever increasing dark circles look a little less dark.  I feel like I look more well rested after using them, when in reality, I’m absolutely banjaxed!

I love a sheet mask and think they’re a grand excuse to sit and relax for the few minutes they’re on.  They’re great for travelling, for giving your skin an instant boost and now that they’ve versions for all budgets, you can treat yourself no matter how low the funds are! The PS… Beauty Alex Steinherr x Primark Maximum Moisture Supreme Sheet Mask (€4) is a budget friendly option here and I love how packed full of essence it is, so there’s plenty to take down the neck and onto the back of the hands.  Ingredients include glycerin, amino acids and lotus flower extracts and I think this is a deadly little mask for the price.  It’s one I’ve repurchased a couple of times now and on days where I want to relax and pamper myself without breaking the bank, this is the one I reach for. The PS… Beauty Alex Steinherr x Primark Plump & Glow The Power Mask (€4) is another one I’ve been enjoying recently and again, it’s friendly on the purse strings.  This has two steps, the first being a booster which you apply first and then the extremely juicy mask is applied over the top of it and left for 20 minutes or so.  The main source of this masks power is in its Hyaluronic Acid and I’m hard pressed to pick between this mask and the Maximum Moisture version.  They’re great value altogether. I’ve gone through countlessImage Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating masks (€9) and like to keep them for “good use”.  So if I’ve a big event or night out coming up, this goes on before I apply my makeup and my skin drinks it up, giving it lots of hydration and my makeup seems to sit nicer on top of it.  Those with sensitive skin can use this along with those who have had any kind of facial peels. Finally we have the No 7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum Boost Sheet masks that come in a pack of four (€34).  I did a collaboration with them last year and before Christmas, I treated myself to another pack of these because I love them! First of all, it has a week’s worth of serum along with Hyaluronic Acid, so once a week is all you’ll need with these.  Secondly, this set of masks has a section that fits over your neck, an often forgotten part of the body, and finally, each mask has little hooks that catch around your ears meaning you can walk around, sit up and do your bits without the mask slipping down your face.

Continuing on with some more sheet masks, I had to mention the Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask (€12) that’s packed full of cold-pressed amazonian oils and is aimed at those with normal to dry skin, but I don’t let that stop me using it.  Now even though I’ve an oily t-zone, I still use facial oils all the time and the same goes for this oil infused sheet mask.  When my skin is truly scaldy, it nourishes it and gives it a dewy glow, and I tend to use it in the evenings before bed so the oil can help my skin further overnight. Another Hyaluronic Acid infused sheet mask that I’ve reached for a few times over recent months is the Seoulista Super Hydration Instant Facial mask (€8.99).  It gives a great hydration boost to my skin and leaves it soft and smooth.  The Seoulista Correct & Calm Instant Facial mask(€8.99) cools, balances and hydrates skin that’s prone to breakouts, irritation and redness.  It’s infused with witch hazel and eucalyptus so it helps clear my sinuses too I tell ya, but it works wonders on my skin and helps bring down redness too. Finally we have the Oskia Citylife Detox Mask (£64/pack of 4) which is the most expensive of the bunch, but so much craic to use!  The ingredients are separated in the pouch, so you have to squeeze the wet side so the seam between them bursts and it mixes with the powder side, and you have to work the mixture together until it’s fully worked in before applying it and applying it quickly!  It sets fast into a gel which you peel off after 20 minutes and my skin looks so bright and fresh after I use it and it’s aimed at those who are city dwellers and who want to help their skin recover from pollution and free radicals.

I don’t think I could be without either of these lip masks let me tell you.  The Kiehl’s Buttermask for lips (£22) is like a hug for my lips, when they’re scaldy or not thanks to the fair trade coconut oil and wild mango butter.  It’s described as an overnight lip treatment and while I use it at night before bed, I use it in the morning, during the day, whenever my lips need a hydration boost and it’s a product I actually feel softening the skin on my lips.  It’s incredible and I’ll be repurchasing it when I finish the pot. And last, but by no means by least, we have the PS… Beauty Alex Steinherr x Primark Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask (€5).  It’s my favourite product of Alex’s range (the bits I’ve tried so far) and I’ll be stocking up next time I’m in Penneys.  It’s tinted pink, which I thought was a bit strange for an overnight product, but it’s fantastic at softening my lips and keeping dryness at bay.  It has hyaluronic acid, willowherb and chamomile which nourishes my lips and this is never out of my handbag.  The pink tint makes it ideal for wearing during the day and I hope they bring out more versions of it. And that’s it!  I hope this mammoth post helped you decide on what mask to treat yourself to this weekend because there’s nowt like a bit of weekend pampering to take the edge of it still being January.  Longest month ever in life eh?  What masks have you been loving lately?  Let me know!


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