Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint Review

I was on my holidays, I felt like treating myself and I knew the bottle would look lovely in my Spanish photos.  I present to you the Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint.

Let me give you my E True Hollywood Story with this.  I’d seen it on my pal Simone Scribes’ Instagram page, mentally added it to my list, forgot about it and then remembered it again when I was in The Loop Duty Free on the way to Spain.  I swatched shade Medium Light on the back of my hand and was instantly intrigued with the texture because it changes so much!  First pumped out, it’s a really runny liquid, probably thanks to the 70% water content, then when it’s blended into the skin with a finger, you can feel the micro-droplets of encapsulated pigments bursting before it bleeds into a lovely light veil on the skin.  

The Loop didn’t have my shade in stock after all that but I ended up getting it in Spain anyway. I didn’t try it until I was back from my holidays and the first time I used it, I dang near lost my sh*t because I used one pump over my giant face and got zero coverage.  None.  Not even a little bit.  Then the realisation set in that I’d spent €48 (that was in Spain, it’s €60 here) on 70% water.  I filmed a first impressions video and will edit it as soon as I can, but there was a lot of disbelief, rage and then acceptance.  After that initial test, I tried using it a couple of different ways, applying it with my fingers, applying it to the back of my hand and then working into the hand with the brush that comes with it before deciding that the best way it works on me is when I apply it directly to the brush and buff it into my skin.  That way there’s no wastage and mess.

After using it a few times both on its own and under the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, I have fallen deep and hard for this.  Maybe it’s old age, but more and more I’m loving looking nice and fresh and embracing my skin.  That could totally change at any time, but at the moment, I’m enjoying healthy looking skin and that’s what the Water Fresh Tint does for me.

If you’re after coverage, this ain’t for you.  I’ve been using 2 – 2.5 pumps on my face for each application and it evens out my complexion, hides my redness and makes it look like I’m not wearing makeup and that my skin is just lovely on its own.  

On days where I’m wearing this alone, I like to powder down the centre of my face to keep the shine at bay because it’s really dewy, so I think those with dry skin types will enjoy wearing it on its own.  Us oily gals will need to set it.  And I need to powder again by lunch time too.  I’m not sure if it’s new skincare that I’m using or that this just keeps my skin extra hydrated, but I wanted to flag it with you anyway.

If you fancy treating yourself this summer and want a really natural base, and I mean really natural, then it’s definitely worth checking out.  Go to the counter and try it for yourself before committing to it because at €60 here in Ireland, you won’t want to shell out that amount of cash if it’s not what you think it’s going to be. I absolutely love love love it and will finish it this summer no doubt.  I don’t think I’d wear it in the autumn or winter, but for summer, on days where I want a little somethin’ somethin’ on the skin, this is rocking my world!


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