Nuxe Very Rose Collection review!

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Hello, my name is Karen and I am obsessed with cleansers.  This is not helped at all with the recent launch of Nuxe’s Very Rose collection – a 7 strong range of makeup removers and cleansers, with a heap of different textures.  I love this because I think there are many of us who tend to gravitate towards the same types of cleansers, especially when trying out new products from brands.  Micellar cleansers and oils are my jam, and I was delighted to see that they were included in the Very Rose line up.

The star ingredient in each of the products is Rose Floral Water which has soothing and softening properties.  And each product also contains 100% botanical-origin Skin Respect Complex which consists of Moisturising Sugars to hydrate and protect the skin’s natural barrier.

I reviewed the Rose Cleansing range from Nuxe way back in 2012 and while my photography skills have come a long way since then, so too have the products themselves!  The Rose Floral Water gives each product a light scent, with some smelling slightly sweeter than others and I feel like the range is a lot more modern now.  The products are suitable for all skin types, except for the Hydrating Micellar Water, which is aimed at those with dry to very dry skin.  There’s a Soothing Hydrating Micellar Water that’s for all skin types.

Nuxe Very Rose 3-in-1 Hydrating Micellar Water – Nuxe Very Rose Creamy Make-Up Remover Milk

Nuxe Very Rose Micellar Water Creamy Makeup Remover Milk

The Very Rose 3-in-1 Hydrating Micellar Water (€16.50) removes makeup, cleanses and softens the skin.  As mentioned above, I have a penchant for micellar waters as my first cleanse on days where I’m wearing makeup.  This water makes quick work of removing my makeup and I wondered if the scent might irritate my sensitive eyes, but it doesn’t at all.  This leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and spotless, ready for the second cleanse.  There’s a Soothing Micellar Water too which I haven’t tried yet.

Cleansing milks give me all of the nostalgic feels and the Very Rose Creamy Make-up Remover Milk (€15.95) is no exception.  It removes my makeup effectively while being gentle on the skin too.  This can either be applied to a cotton pad which you can then sweep across your skin, or by applying it directly to your skin with your fingertips, which is what I like to do.  I feel like I can work the product into my skin this way, helping it to break down my makeup, mascara and all.  Then I can use a cotton pad to remove it.

Nuxe Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist – Nuxe Very Rose Radiance Peeling Lotion

Nuxe Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist Radiance Peeling Lotion

I like using the Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist (€15.95) a couple of different ways.  On days where I’ve used the Creamy Make-up Remover Milk, I’ll spray the Toning Mist onto a clean cotton pad and then sweep it all over my skin.  This makes sure that all of the milk has been removed, before continuing with the rest of my skincare routine.  I also like to spritz it liberally on cleansed skin before applying my hyaluronic acid as it’s always better to apply your HA onto damp skin to help it work better.

The product I’ve used the least so far, just because I’m already using acids in my skincare routine, is the Very Rose Peeling Lotion (€22.95).  This contains the Rose Floral Water that’s included in all of the products, along with four fruit acids and salicylic acid too, to gently remove dead skin cells.  We should be using this at night time and it’s absolutely vital to wear SPF the following day as acids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Nuxe Very Rose Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel Mask

Nuxe Ultra Fresh Cleansing Gel

I was really intrigued at the sound of the Very Rose Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel Mask (€19.95) because I’d never heard of anything like it before!  This is said to deeply cleanse and remove pollution particles, and I like using it at night time as my second cleanse.  The idea is that you apply it to damp skin, leave it on for a minute before rinsing it off, using circular motions.  I like using it in the shower now that I have the water a bit cooler in the summer!

Nuxe Very Rose Delicate Cleansing Oil

Nuxe Very Rose Cleansing Oil

Oils are my favourite cleansers when taking my makeup off and the Very Rose Delicate Cleansing Oil (€19.95) has been a welcome addition to my collection!  A couple of pumps worked into my dry skin, paying particular attention to my mascara and my makeup is gone.  It doesn’t irritate my eyes and compared to some of the other oils in my collection, this has a thinner formula.  But it’s still just as effective.  When I’m using an oil, I like it to emulsify (turn into a milk when it comes in contact with water) when rinsing it off and this does that beautifully, leaving no residue behind on my skin.

Nuxe Very Rose Light Cleansing Foam

Nuxe Very Rose Light Cleansing Foam

I feel like cleansing foams have come a long way over the year, with so many of them not drying out the skin anymore.  The Very Rose Face Cleansing Foam (€16.50) has a light and almost creamy texture, with small, silky bubbles if that makes sense?  Like all of the cleansing foams I’ve tried over the years, I enjoy using this in the morning to cleanse the visage before getting started on the rest of my skincare routine.  It just feels a bit more invigorating on the skin, so perfect for waking the skin up first thing!

Will you be trying any of the Very Rose products?


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