Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Glow Foundation review

Over the last few months, I’ve definitely been wearing makeup less.  I blame the working from home situation and because it’s been roasting and humid too.   But I’ve noticed that when I have been wearing makeup, I’ve been reaching for my lighter foundations.  Giorgio Armani Neo Nude foundation has been top of my list, giving me those “my skin but better” vibes.  And if you’re someone who loves and uses skincare like me, then it’s nice to  show it off and not cake it over with heavy coverage foundations!  They can come when we’re in the depths of the winter!

Neo Nude Glow Foundation is a skincare infused base for those who love natural looking skin with a beautiful glow.  It contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin which helps keep the skin hydrated, while the pigment looks after evening out your complexion.

I was sent shade 4 which is the perfect match for me and the first time I applied it, I knew this was going to be a keeper.  It looks like a thick cream when dotted on the back of my hand, but when I start working it into my skin, it’s like it loosens up into more of a liquid texture, feeling almost like water on the skin.  But despite the texture, it gives a really decent medium level of coverage, hiding my usual redness that is ever present, but allowing my natural skin to still shine through. If I feel like I need more coverage, I go in with a touch more and it’s easily buildable for those who want a bit more somethin’ somethin’.

As I have an oily t-zone, I definitely have to powder those areas to keep the product in place all day, but once I do that, it stays put.  I think those with dry and normal skin types will love it and won’t need to set it.  I’ve been using buffing brushes to apply it to the skin, and if I want it to look even more sheer on, I apply it with my fingertips.

I think Neo Nude is ideal for those days where you want to look like a fresher version of yourself.  Or if you’ve gotten an invite to a last minute Zoom and you want something that’s easy to blend!

Neo Nude Glow Foundation comes in 24 shades and retails at €39.


If this isn’t your jam, then maybe the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is.  Or you might like the Giorgio Armani Powder Fabric foundation.  Check out my reviews of those two!


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