Rimmel Wonder’Bond Mascara review

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Rimmel does some of the best affordable mascaras, and after falling in love with their Thrill Seeker mascara, I had high expectations for the Rimmel Wonder’Bond Mascara. So, a good old-fashioned mascara review was in order with before and after photos!

Rimmel says the Wonder’Bond Bonding Serum Mascara “instantly revitalises lashes in one swipe for longer, smoother and healthier looking lashes.” The Biotin Bonding Complex is said to give up to 350% more volume. They continue, “Inspired by bond repair serums, Rimmel’s unique formula visibly improves lash quality.”

But what does that all mean?

The Biotin Bonding Complex is said to give length and strength to the lashes, creating a protective barrier around them. The Wonder’Bond Mascara is also said to have up to 24-hour wear and is smudge-proof, clump-proof and flake-free.

But is it?

The first swipe of the mascara told me the formula was on the thick and wet side.

A lot of product seemed to stay on the wand, and the wiper didn’t appear to take a lot of product off the wand when I removed it from the tube.

And this means that a lot of product was applied to my lashes. So, after the first couple of comb-throughs, I knew there’d be clumping. And there was. There was also smudging on my eyelid as I applied the formula to the upper lashes. That could be down to the user’s fault, a.k .a. me not being careful enough, but it’s something I wanted to point out.

I also felt that my lashes were heavy or weighed down. It’s not like it was hard to blink or anything, but as I looked into the camera when filming a reel, I could see my upper lashes in my eye-line, and it looked like the mascara was weighing them down, just with the thickness of the product. I didn’t get much curl or lift with this mascara, either.

On the upside, the formula is super black and pigmented, and I think it’s a mascara I’d wear with eyeshadow to hide the smudges. But when testing out mascaras, I like to apply them to bare lids to see them in detail. It gave lots of definition to the base of the lashes, making it look like I had a thin line of eyeliner. And when it did dry down, my lashes felt soft and comfortable. No crispy lashes were to be found here.

Could I have curled my lashes before applying the Wonder’Bond Mascara? Yes. Should I have combed through my lashes with a clean lash comb? Probably. But then, it wouldn’t be a fair comparison to all the other mascaras I’ve tried over the years. We need to see the formula and wand working on their own, without any extra bits and bobs.

With other mascaras with similar formulas that are too wet and heavy for my lashes, I’ve not fully tightened the lid, and I’ll do the same with this one. It will help a tiny bit of air to get into the formula to dry it out a bit, and we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned to my Instagram page for updates.

Stars? 3/5

I like the idea that it creates a protective barrier around the lashes and is suitable for sensitive eyes, but it’s too clumpy and heavy for my lashes for daily wear.

Buy Rimmel Wonder’Bond Mascara here for €16.99 RRP.


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