Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes, photos, swatches, review!

It’s been a long time since an affordable brand has come out with a blush collection that has made me sit up and take notice.  Enter Max Factor.  They’ve launched six shades of their Creme Puff blushes – they’re in chemists now and I know this to be true because despite being given three to test out, I went and bought a fourth.  I probably would have bought a fifth and sixth but both the Boots and Superdrug I went to only had four shades in stock.  So we know what that means… I’ll have to keep looking!

Billed as blushes you can contour with and give a wash of colour over the cheeks, they’re something special and you will see why we all went mad for them at the launch a few weeks ago.  Everyone said they were dupes of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes and after testing them out over the past month or so, I can say that they’re really close dupes.  The only thing that sets them apart is that the Hourglass version has blush pigment mixed with finishing power pigment, while these guys are made of up two different coloured blush pigments.  I’m going to do a proper comparison post or I’d be here for the day!  But for now, I need to show you my four babies up close and personal.

Lavish Mauve is the spit of Hourglass’ Mood Exposure in the pan.  On the cheeks though, Lavish Mauve leans a bit more neutral and gives the most gorgeous glow, but as you’ll see in the rest of the post, they all give great glow.  I think this is my favourite of the four I have and while the effect in the photo below is subtle, rest assured that this is easily buildable and brings life to my complexion in seconds.

Seductive pink is the one for fans of the rose gold look.  It’s a beautiful shade for spring and has me convinced that I could actually rock a pink cheek as the days get warmer!

Alluring Rose is aimed at those with medium to dark skin tones but I know I can rock this shade myself in all my paleness!  It’s peachy bronze-y goodness makes for a perfect contour/cheek shade and it adds instant warmth to my complexion.

Nude Mauve is a close tie for my favourite along with Lavish Mauve.  I’ve been using this as a subtle contour while bringing it up onto the apples of my cheeks for a neutral wash of colour.

Please scroll back up and look at the absolute sheen and radiant glow on my cheeks.  I have no highlight or any other powder on, just a layer of foundation that was removed and reapplied between swatches!  Each blush is so finely milled that it gives my cheek an airbrushed finish and you can’t go wrong with them.

The Max Factor Creme Puff blushes are €11.49 and are worth every penney in my opinion.  I’ve actually been reaching for them over my other blushes.  Even my Hourglass ones! Will you be partaking in any of these?


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