New! L’Occitane Cherry Blossom L’Eau

As you will know by now, one of my all time favourite scents ever in life (and that’s a lot of life) is the Cherry Blossom fragrance from L’Occitane.  You can read my review here and watch countless videos where I waffle on and on about it because it’s pretty special. Now L’Occitane have released a limited edition spin off of the range, Cherry Blossom L’Eau, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Inspired by the first cherry blossoms of the Spring, this collection does not instil the panic that the first cherry blossoms of Spring did when I was in college.  Back in the day, if you hadn’t started studying by the time the first cherry blossoms appeared on the trees on the way to college, you were screwed.  I was in trouble every year as I’m the biggest procrastinator…  But I digress, back to the smellies!

Cherry Blossom L’Eau a light and playful scent and is definitely sweeter than the original version and to sound like and quote my actual mam, “it’s a younger person’s scent”.  But in saying that, scents are personal and if you’re someone who likes sweet and juicy perfumes, then you’ll love this.

With top notes of lemon, blackcurrant and watermelon, it hits you upside the head with it’s vibrant sweetness before it settles to reveal the spring-like soft notes of cherry blossoms, violet and rose.  The base notes of woody muskiness softens everything and mellows it out beautifully.

For me, the sweetness slightly overpowers the floral notes for the first half an hour or so, but then it becomes my kind of scent for this time of the year.  When it hits February, I always reach for something that’s light and bright and will put me in a good mood and drown myself in it! Hand on heart, the original Cherry Blossom collection is my favourite and I know for a fact I’ll keep repurchasing it every time I run out.  I’ve already purchased it before Christmas to make sure I wouldn’t be without it!  But if you’re a fan of sweeter scents, then definitely give Cherry Blossom L’Eau a whiff and put it on your Valentine’s Day wish list! The Cherry Blossom L’Eau collection is in shops now and along with the Eau De Toilette (€41), there’s a Fragrance Touch (€21) which is a perfumed gel, a shower milk (€17.50), a moisturising milk (€24.50) and a hand cream (€10.50) so you’ll be smelling fresh as a cherry blossom this spring!


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