This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray review

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and fell in love with it.  You can read my review here but basically, I loved it.  I bought it for mam and Joanne, who in turn bought it for their friends and members of our family because it worked.  I know, but I can’t think of any other way of explaining it! I go through really short phases of sleeping great, conking out for the whole night, but more often than not, I’m a very restless sleeper and find it hard to nod off to begin with.  And if I wake up during the night, it can take me ages to fall back asleep.  If it’s hot or sticky at night, well I might as well not even bother going to bed.  But most nights, I have this ability to start thinking about everything I need to do, have done, forgot to do as soon as my head hits the pillow. This Works have a new version of their pillow spray, the This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray and somehow, it works even better than the original version!  When I talked bout this on Snapchat last week, there were a load of screenshots taken of it followed by lots of questions, so I thought a wee blog post was in order.

They’ve managed to encapsulate the lavender which helps promote a good night’s sleep throughout the whole night.  So what I do is spritz a few pumps all over my pillow and along the top of my duvet to ensure maximum conk-age out-age.  And during the night as I turn and move in bed, the lavender is released from the microcapsules and as such, said conk-age out-age lasts for longer. Any time I use this, all I can say to people the next day is that I slept so hard!  It sounds mad but I feel like I’ve had the deepest sleep ever and this is from someone who wakes up a few times during the night, sometimes to pee, sometimes because of Bailey the brat barking or having one of his mad dreams, and then I figure as I’m awake that I might as well pee.  But with this, I wake up sans needing to pee during the night.  I don’t know what the dealio is with this and any time I use it, I wake up the next morning with a full bladder, but feeling really rested.

I don’t use this every night in case I get used to it and it loses efficacy.  And I try to keep it to the weekend so that I can have a lie on too.  I do find it slightly hard to get motivated to get out of bed the next morning after using it, but that’s me most days anyway.  You know that feeling when you wake up and still feel so comfy and relaxed in bed?  That’s what this does for me while also helping me nod off, sleep more restfully and wake up feeling like a human being the next day, not a lunatic who can’t wait to get her first coffee into her! I know the Boots website sells the original pillow spray, as does Arnotts, but I’m not 100% about the Sleep Plus Pillow spray.  But you can get it on Feel Unique for €35.25which might sound spendy, but if you’re someone who struggles with switching off at night, is a restless sleeper and wants to avoid using prescription medication, then give it a go. I honestly wouldn’t recommend anything that hasn’t worked for me and I know that not everything works for everyone.  This genuinely helps calm my brain at night, gives me a more restful sleep and gets me back into the habit of sleeping better on nights after I’ve used it.  Two big fat thumbs up for this one.


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