Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation review, before & after photos!

Put the word “magic” in the name of a product and I’ll give it a go.  The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is one of the most expensive foundations I’ve tried so far and at €40, it’d want to be on the Harry Potter end of the magical scale.  Wingardium leviosa and all that!

This foundation has mad claims, promising to work for all skin tones, skin types and ages.  It claims to minimise oil production after 9 weeks, helps reduce over production of melanocytes which causes pigmentation, smooths the appearance of wrinkles in one hour and that’s only half of the claims.  I had to pick the wildest ones or we’d be here for the day.  Now I haven’t been using it for 9 weeks yet so can’t comment on the oil production aspect and I don’t have problems with pigmentation.  The wrinkles thing I’m not sure of as I find that it can settle in the laugh lines around my mouth sometimes. The packaging is pure luxury with it’s art deco inspired bottle.  The bottle itself is glass, so it’s not travel friendly but sure we won’t hold that against it.  It’s what’s inside that really counts isn’t it?

The Magic Foundation really does have supernatural powers in that it evens out my complexion effortlessly, covering the redness on my nose and cheeks in seconds.  Despite it’s thick texture, it feels nice and lightweight on the skin, doesn’t cake and is easily buildable. Let me talk about application for a second.  There’s a Magic Complexion Brush that’s touted to work perfectly with it, but as I’ve more makeup brushes than sense at the moment, I thought I’d make do with what I have at home.  The first time I used the foundation, I applied it with my damp Beauty Blender and the finish was perfection.  The next time I tried a buffing brush and I found that it didn’t sit as well on my skin and didn’t blend in as easily.  And it was then that I realised it reminded me of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear in terms of texture and finish.  So like Double Wear, once I apply it with my Beauty Blender, I get this finish:

It leaves my skin with a slight sheen when I’ve finished faffing about with it, but doesn’t feel wet or tacky when on.  I absolutely love the glow it gives me, yet is dry to the touch.  There are fifteen shades in the range and I’m using shade 4 in the photos today.  I could’ve gotten away with a 3 or 3.5 too and find that because my neck is so pale, I generally have to blend all foundations down the aul neck. This lasts all day on me and that’s without powdering.  When I say all day, I always mean the work day as we know I love getting into lounge wear as soon as I get home!  If I’m heading out right after work, I apply it and then use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder over my t-zone just to make sure it stays in place and it does. Other makeup goes on seamlessly over the top and in the photo below, I thought it was high time to bring out my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow for the craic.  It’s a contour and highlight duo that I reach for in the colder months and love the soft focus finish it gives me.

No other foundation has gotten a look in since I bought this a few weeks ago.  And at €40, this fact alone justifies my purchase!  If you’ve skin on the dry side, I’d give it a miss and try the Light Wonder foundation instead, or try to get a sample and apply it using a beauty blender to see how you get on.  Those with normal to oily skin, check it out. What have I started?  Now I want to try Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Finish powder….  And a blush…. And some of the matte lipsticks… As a true lover of her eyeshadow palettes and with two in my collection (so far), I’m a full blown Charlotte Tilbury lover! What do I need to try next? *Purchased by moi*


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