Dyson Corrale vs GHD Unplugged – Which one to buy?

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re on the hunt for a cordless hair tool and have seen the GHD Unplugged and/or the Dyson Corrale in action on social media.  You might have read or watched reviews of people showing them in action and are still none the wise in terms of which one to pick up.  Well, I’m here to make life a bit easier for you.  In this post, I’ve the Dyson Corrale vs GHD Unplugged going head to head and am going to help you decide which one to buy.  Hopefully!

I’m going to go through the main differences between the two, that I think might sway a decision either way.

How long do they take to charge and how long do the batteries last?

The GHD Unplugged takes 2 hours to charge, and you get 20 minutes of battery power.  This means you need to be a lean, mean, straightening/curling machine when using this!  I’m not going to lie, when I use this, it’s the fastest 20 minutes ever!

The Dyson Corrale takes 70 minutes to charge and you get 30 minutes of styling time with it.  I think this is better for those of us who don’t like to be rushed when doing our hair!

A major plus when it comes to the GHD Unplugged is that it comes with a USB cable, which means it’s much more convenient to charge on the go.  You can charge it via a power bar, a laptop, your car, or just with a plug in the wall.

With the Dyson Corrale, it has it’s own magnetic charging cable that is a massive 4 metres long.  That’s weighty enough itself to be honest.  It also comes with a charging stand, but can be charged without using it too.  A huge pro for the Corrale is that you can use it when it’s plugged in charging.  You can’t with the Unplugged.

What size is the Dyson Corrale vs GHD Unplugged?

The GHD Unplugged is 300g, which feels super light when you’re holding it.  It almost feels like a toy it’s that light!  The Dyson Corrale is significantly more weighty at 561g.  Still, at almost twice the weight of the Unplugged, the Corrale feels the same weight as a regular hair tool.

A major difference between the two tools is the physical size, with the GHD Unplugged being significantly smaller than the Dyson Corrale.  The Corrale doesn’t feel like it should be cordless and would take up more physical space and weight in your handbag.

How much is the GHD Unplugged and the Dyson Corrale?

Ah the clincher.  These aren’t cheap, gals.  The GHD Unplugged is €345.   It’s a lot more expensive than any other GHD product and I was a bit surprised at how much it was.

The Dyson Corrale is an eye-watering €449... I think though, the price of the Dyson Airwrap and Dyson Supersonic dryer have set the tone when it comes to what we expect a Dyson tool to cost.  So it was less of a surprise, but still.  Ouch!

Are there any other differences to consider?

In terms of temperature settings, the Unplugged has one: 185 degrees.  The Corrale has three temperature settings: 165, 185 and 210 degrees.  As I mentioned above, the cable situation is a big difference because the USB cable that comes with the GHD is small and lightweight, whereas the Dyson’s cable is quite bulky.  This bulky cable, however, means you can use it when it’s plugged in and charging.

How do they perform on the hair?

I’ll let the YouTube video do the talking here because in it, I have a demo of both tools straightening and curling the hair.  My hair is quite silky anyway, and I found that the Unplugged left a few dents in my hair when passing it through.  When using it to curl, I had issues with my hair slipping out at the end.  The flexing plates on the Corrale help to keep the hair in place easier and I can use it one handed.

Which tool is better?

In my YouTube video, I explain that while the cost is a big factor in deciding between the two, there are other things to consider too.

Do you need something that’s portable, for true on-the-go styling?  If that’s the case, the GHD Unplugged gets a point as it’s lighter in terms of the tool itself and the charging cable.  The USB cable means you really can charge on the go.  This is important as you only get 20 minutes of unplugged battery life compared to 30 minutes on the Dyson.

While the Corrale is larger and heavier than the Unplugged, you can use it when it’s plugged in and charging.

On my hair, I’ve found the Dyson Corrale easier to use for both straightening and curling the hair.  I don’t have to worry about sections of hair slipping out of the plates the way I do with the Unplugged.

Hopefully I’ve helped you make a decision between these two tools because they both have their pros and cons!

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