How to use Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Not only is Nuxe Huile Prodiguese one of the most iconic beauty products on the market, having launched way back in 1991, becoming a constant best-seller, but it’s one of the most multifunctional beauty products too, with lots of uses you mightn’t know of! Yes, it’s more than just a body oil, and I will share many different ways to use Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

What exactly is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse?

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There are five oils in the range, the original Huile Prodigieuse, Huile Prodigieuse Riche for very dry skin, Huile Prodigieuse Or (this is the shimmery version), Huile Prodigieuse Florale, the floral version and Huile Prodigieuse Neroli, the newest member to the family. Apart from Neroli, which has 100% organic ingredients and two precious organic oils, the rest of the Prodigieuse family has a mix of 7 precious botanic oils, all of which nourish and repair the skin and hair.

They also diminish the appearance of stretch marks and have a protective anti-pollution and antioxidant action, leaving skin moisturised for 8 hours.

But how exactly can we use Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse?

On your body

If you’ve tried Huile Prodigieuse already, chances are you’ve used it on your body, as that’s what it’s famous for. You can apply it to dry skin, massaging it into the skin using circular motions, but my favourite way of using it is on damp skin when I’ve come out of the shower. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, silky smooth and smelling incredible. Some don’t like the scent of the original dry oil, so I’d recommend trying out the floral or Neroli version. During the summer, it’s a beautiful way to nourish and repair the skin after being out in the sun.

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Try applying it to your feet, and then wear socks over it for the evening. Don’t walk around the house with oily feet! It’s a beautiful pedicure treatment, and you can use it on your hands as a mask. Apply a layer and wear soft gloves, letting it sink into your skin and work its magic.

Add a few drops into your bath for extra nourishment, or after your bath, try mixing a few drops in with your favourite body moisturiser. I prefer using an unscented moisturiser so the two scents don’t clash. Pay particular attention to any dry patches you might have.

When using the delicately shimmery Huile Prodigieuse Or on your body, use it to highlight areas like your legs, shoulders, collarbones and arms. You’ll be the epitome of Golden Hour!

On your face

For full disclosure, I don’t regularly use any of the Huile Prodigieuse oils on my face anymore, just because as I’ve gotten older, perimenopause seems to have made my skin much more reactive and sensitive, so I have to keep my skincare routine simple and have reduced fragrance too.

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But if your skin doesn’t randomly lose the plot every so often, you can apply your favourite one directly to your face at the end of your skincare routine. This is when you can really go to town and incorporate facial massage with your hands, a facial roller or a gua sha. If you’d prefer something a little less oily, try applying a few drops to your facial moisturiser for an extra boost of nourishment and moisture.

Mix some oil with sugar to create your own lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. You can play around with the measurements to get a paste of the right consistency. Rinse it off (don’t eat it!) to leave your lips soft and smooth. You may like to try it as a lip balm, but I prefer the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm as it’s not as slippy as the oil and the oil is too perfumed for me to potentially lick off!

Try using Huile Prodigieuse Or as a highlight on the cheekbones to give a glass skin effect. And if you have dry skin, add a drop or two of your favourite dry oil into your foundation to help sheer it out and add extra nourishment to your skin.

On your hair

My favourite way to use Huile Prodigieuse on my hair is to spray it lightly on my hairbrush and then brush it through. This way, I’m not applying too much product and weighing my hair down. It smooths out my frizz and leaves my hair smelling unreal.

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I also love using it as a hair mask on weeks when it needs extra nourishment. I spray it directly into my dry hair, leaving it on for around 15 minutes before shampooing ittwice to ensure I’ve washed it all out and my hair feels sleek, smooth and swishy.

If you are out in the sun, at the beach or by the pool, apply some to dry hair to act as a protective shield from the sun, salt and chlorine.

So basically, you can use Huile Prodigieuse from head to toe!

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