Nuxe Super Serum 10 review!

What if your skin could behave 10 years younger?  This is the question posed by Nuxe with the launch of their Super Serum 10!

One of my most frequently asked questions on Instagram is about serums, which one should people get, will it suit their skin, and for 95% of the questions, the person tells me their age.  I have a whole other blog post coming up on serums, so stay tuned for that, but what I love about the Super Serum 10, is that it’s suitable for all skin types and all ages.  Our skin starts the aging process when we’re in our mid twenties, so that ship has most definitely sailed for me.  I can’t even see the ship.  The ship is a dot to me.  So if you’re in your early twenties, you don’t need to read this post.  Come back in a few years.  But if you’re someone who’s looking for a serum that will help with anti-aging, hydration and brightening, then keep on reading.

The star ingredient in Super Serum 10 is the botanical complex with native cells of Edelweiss.  Are you singing the song now?  Good.  This activates the youth mechanisms in older skin cells, so we’re talking restorative anti-aging.  It also contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, and this is the type of hyaluronic acid that goes deeper into the skin, plumping from within.  And it also has Niacinamide which helps brighten the skin.  So anti-aging, plumping and brightening, all in one serum.  This is great for those who don’t want to have to buy multiple products, but who want all of the results.

See the little spheres in the serum?  These microspheres have fractionated botanical oils, and Nuxe know all about oils, being number 1 in oils in a whole heap of countries.  They help with penetration of the anti-aging ingredients and for those oily skinned people out there, don’t worry, because it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin at all.

A little bit goes a long way and you only need half a pipette of the Super Serum 10 to get the full efficacy of it.  I’ve been using it since January and have found that my skin is lovely and smooth, plump and definitely brighter.  Something I’ve noticed is that a sun spot on the side of my face is lightening up too since I started using it.  It’s said that after one bottle, we should see a difference in wrinkles, firmness and dark spots, so you best believe I’m going to continue using this!

It has a really light, subtle fragrance which is released as you press the microcapsules together between your fingers, and that’s how to apply it according to Nuxe National Trainer Niamh Martin.  By releasing the contents of the capsules between the fingers, we can then apply it to our visages and wait for the magic to happen.

It can be used twice a day and as I mentioned using half a pipette above, this small amount is enough to do your face, neck and décolleté.  If you’re using retinol products, it can be used in conjunction with that, and the order of application depends on the texture of the retinol.  If you’re using a retinol serum with a thinner consistency than Super Serum 10, then apply the retinol first.  If the serum is thicker, or gloopy, apply Super Serum 10 first.  And if you’re using a retinol cream or moisturiser, use this over the Super Serum 10.  The same layering principals apply in terms of skincare and the texture of your products.

This serum can slot into your current skincare routine, or if you’re looking for a whole skincare revamp, then definitely check out Nuxe’s different anti-aging ranges.

Super Serum 10 is available now for €68 (af link)and if you fancy a bit of glow and radiance, along with the rest of the skincare benefits, then it’s definitely worth checking out!

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